New Details About Paul Zimmer And Jamie Rose From TikTok, Their Strange Relationship And Why They Disappeared From The Internet

Are they really married?

Who Are Paul Zimmer And Jamie Rose? Details YouTube Couple Married Why Disappeared From Internet YouTube 

Paul Zimmer, 23, and Jamie Rose, 21, rose to fame on the popular lip-syncing app — he with over 7 million followers and her with over 4 million — now called TikTok. They both began their rise to fame on social media in 2015 and began dating in 2017, which only boosted their following further.

It was reported that the pair broke up early 2018 but now Rummler reports that the pair got married due to the release of some wedding photos.


Soon after the pair announced their split they virtually disappeared. Both of their TikTok accounts were inactive and Zimmer deleted all of his Instagram pictures. Rose changed her username to unknownuser123400 and deleted all her Instagram pictures but one.

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People believe that this social media disappearance was prompted by the trending hashtag on TikTok #banpaulzimmer.

Zimmer came under fire after fans accused him of manipulating his audience to send him money. 


The influencer advertised a contest for people to enter for a chance to win a duet with him on TikTok. His fans — most of which are very young — supposedly paid to enter this contest. Zimmer never did any of the duets.

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Fans also think that some of his TikTok videos are inappropriate for his young audience because he lifts up his shirt and reveals partial nudity in many of them. An article on Howtomusically reported that neither Zimmer nor Rose have come out with any statements about the ban campaign.

Shortly after their impromptu social media disappearance, pictures of their supposed wedding surfaced. Rummler reported that the pictures were apparently posted by a fan on Instagram “but no one has been able to figure out who found the photos or where they came from.”


Zimmer who is from Maryland and Rose, originally from Florida, still have not posted anything on their social media accounts. According to Puzzups, Zimmer knew he wanted to become famous for music when he was 12 and used to record songs on his tape recorder and listen to them. 

Neither has confirmed or denied the wedding was real. 

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