5 Things You’ll Need To Accomplish All Of Your New Year’s Resolutions Almost Effortlessly

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How To Set Goals So You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions & Reinvent Yourself Using Self Care Tips

By Nicole Garbanzos 

It’s that time of year again — the transition from one year to the next, and a prime time for setting goals, creating new habits, and self-improvement.

We call them New Year’s resolutions, but what we’re really doing is setting life goals for the new year.

Every person has their own personal goals in mind and will achieve them using their own potential. Not every person is the same, but there are common aspirations that everyone can strive for.

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No matter what your long term goals are, these aspirations can help you achieve them. If you’re tired of never following through with your New Year’s resolutions and want to finally reinvent yourself, here are some habits to develop first.

New year, new you! Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Patience

To all my impatient individuals- (including myself) this resolution is for you. This may seem like an obvious daily improvement, however, how many times in a week or a month do you actually strive to be more patient?

If you’re wondering how to reinvent yourself in the new year, patience is a great place to start. Reinventing yourself ain’t easy so be patient and give it time.

This year, why not practice paced breathing, meditation, and other self-care practices that could calm down your stress and anxiety?

I get it, when you’re in one of your stressful moments, it’s hard to channel that patience and self-love.

Maybe, in the new year, try telling yourself that your impatience is bringing on more problems than solutions, clouded judgment, and disruption of your peace of mind.

If you’re not really in the mood for dealing with your emotions, why not try channeling them into self-care activities like reading (maybe some articles on how to have more patience,) learning, exercising, or pampering.  

2. Kindness

Yes, it might sound cheesy, but it’s actually not. I’ve only been adulting for the past six years and I swear we are all so mean to each other. Unfortunately, there are some situations that make us angry or irritable.

However, this doesn’t give any of us the right to put negative behavior onto anyone else.

Kindness is more than a character trait, and it’s more than a word that sounds nice. To be truly kind is to be considerate, selfless, and fair.

Smile, give a genuine compliment to someone, hold the door when you see someone carrying a bunch of groceries behind you.

This year, I hope you see that there is already enough hatred in this world and that you should strive to be kind. If you radiate kindness and positive energy, it often comes back ten-fold. Extend a little kindness to someone and you never know how it will come back in a way that helps you reach your goals.

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3. Self-love

How many articles do we all need to read until this message gets to our heads and hearts? Loving yourself is so important. You are not doing yourself any favors by complaining every day about your body, how you wish you had more confidence, or how you don’t have enough money.

Be good to yourself, give yourself a break for once, you need it and no doubt you deserve it.

One of the best self-care tips out there is to just love yourself a little bit more.

Goal setting becomes much easier when it comes from a place of self-compassion and patience.

This year, practice making the best out of any situation you are in, practice hoping for very best, and practice loving everything you are. You’ll never regret it, and as you start feeling better about yourself, achieving your goals can become much easier.

Need some self-care ideas? Try listening to your inner needs and wants. Is your body telling you that a warm bath would feel great? Could a jog help you lift your brain fog? Truly listen to your needs to figure out the best way to take care of yourself.

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4. Positivity

Many people in our society are programed to think the worst of every situation. To all of you—including myself,  try your best to bring some sunshine to your rainy days. Conserve your energy by focusing on what’s good about your day and your life.

Practice gratitude and you’ll be surprised by how much energy you have to put towards those New Year’s resolutions.  

To be positive is not be sure of the outcome but to be hopeful it will work out, to be aware of all possibilities but still enthusiastic of what lies ahead.

And lastly, to step fearlessly into the unknown, knowing you will make it to the end. This year, all of us need to practice telling ourselves that we are going to be okay – no matter what happens.

5. Relaxation

All of us seriously need to take a chill pill sometimes. With our everyday responsibilities, daily tasks, and constant to-do lists, it feels like we are overwhelmed to the point of anxiety, depression, and other diagnosed conditions.

Our society is constantly surrounded by the concept of a fast-paced life. We don’t stop to smell the roses, pause to reflect how good of a life we’ve lived, or rightfully spend a lazy day without thinking about the things we need to do after the day is over.

This year, let’s practice taking pride in all the work we’ve done and that we will continue to do, basking in the wonderful lives we have built ourselves.

Because once we’ve seen that, we can truly relax.

This year, I hope you see how everything in your life up until now was always working in your favor, how everything you’ve dreamed of and aspire to have are more than valid, and how the life you’ve always envisioned of living may be right around the corner.

So, if you’re still wondering how to set goals in the new year that you can actually accomplish, try harboring these five skills first.

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