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Who Is Wilbur Ross' Wife? New Details On Hilary Geary

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Who Is Wilbur Ross' Wife? New Details On Hilary Geary

Since early 2017, Wilbur Ross has served as the United States Secretary of Commerce, a position whose mission is “to foster, promote, and develop the foreign and domestic commerce,” and promote American businesses. As un-ironic as the rest of Trump’s cabinet members, Ross is known as the “King of Bankruptcy” due to his record of buying bankrupt companies and selling them for larger profit.

Because before he was appointed to this position, Ross was a banker. In his experience as a banker, he would reconstruct failing companies, like coal, steal, foreign investment, and textiles who “specialized in leveraged buyouts and distressed businesses.”

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Much like other Cabinet members either currently serving under the president, or who have since resigned or been fired, Ross has also been plagued with controversy and backlash. In November 2017, the Paradise Papers, which were leaked documents, showed he didn’t disclose his financial ties to Russian interests when asked during his confirmation hearings.

He’s also been accused of being corrupt, and not even attempting to hide it. He’s accused of insider trading, cheating former colleagues, lying about his net worth, and selling off stock holdings. According to the Center for Public Integrity:

“Ross was supposed to sell his BankUnited Inc. stock, valued at up to $15,000, within 90 days of his Senate confirmation, according to his federal ethics agreement — in other words, by the end of May 2017. Ross twice submitted disclosure reports to federal ethics officials saying he had divested the stock — once in a transaction report from May 2017 and another time in his annual financial disclosure from August 2018...

“But in October, Ross filed another transaction report with ethics officials acknowledging he had had not divested the BankUnited stock when he said he did — and continued to own it until October 1, 2018. The Office of Government Ethics has not yet certified this latest transaction report, but released the document in response to a request from the Center for Public Integrity...

“He had previously failed to sell his Invesco Ltd. stock, valued at between $10 million and $50 million, until December 2017, even though in November 2017, he had told federal ethics officials he had complied with his ethics agreement and divested everything he had been required to divest... Ross had also previously reported late divestitures of stock in Sun Bancorp Inc., the Greenbrier Companies Inc., and Air Lease Corp. In all cases, he said he had been unaware that he had still owned the stock, and moved to divest it when he found out. He has also faced other questions about his handling of potential conflicts of interest…”

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But who is the man behind the money? We’re curious about his spouse, in particular. So, just who is Wilbur Ross’ wife? Here are six things to know about Hilary Geary.

1. They met at a party.

The two met at a party thrown by Broadway producer, Terry Allen Kramer, back in 1995. Geary was amazed by Ross’ then-wife Betsy, who was the lieutenant governor of New York State. Years later, in 2002, they were seated next to each other at another party and became acquainted.

2. They’ve been married 14 years.

The couple tied the knot in 2004 at St. Andrew's Dune Church in Southampton. The wedding was lavish, with the bride wearing a gold suit by Michael Kors, and the reception had lobster and filet mignon with banana splits.

3. She is his third wife.

Ross was married to his first wife, Judith, from 1961 to 1995. He married his second wife, Betsy McCaughey, in 1995 and they divorced in 2000.

4. And he’s also her third husband!

When they first met, she was still married to her first husband, though he passed away a few months later. Two years later, they met at a party, and Geary had split from her second husband recently.

5. They don’t have children together.

Though the couple don’t have children of their own, Ross has two children from his marriage to Judith: Jessica and Amanda. Geary also has two kids from a previous marriage: Ted and Jack.

6. She’s a writer.

She’s a society writer for Quest magazine.

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