6 Easy Tricks To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays (And Still Eat Christmas Cookies)

Don't stress yourself out over what you should and shouldn't eat this holiday.

Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays And Stay Healthy While Eating Christmas Dinner Getty 

By Kaitlin Livingston 

Holiday season is prime time for weight gain. Even before Christmas dinner you’re likely gaining weight from all the festivities.

December is filled with work parties, family gatherings, catching up with friends, and other Christmas activities. Nights are filled with sipping wine, eating freshly made cookies, and snacking on nuts, cheese, and crackers.

Gaining weight is easy during the holidays when you’re soaking in all the fun evenings with the people you love. Not only that, but the Christmas season can make people stress-eat and skip out on the gym due to the busy season.


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We’re not suggesting that you don’t partake in the holiday food, instead, we have some tips for eating healthy and watching your health. This way, you can head into the new year without worrying about your health and losing weight.


Here’s how to be healthy during the holidays and avoid gaining weight.

1. Watch what you’re drinking

Some of our favorite coffee shops have some great holiday drinks!  If you plan on treating yourself to a grande peppermint mocha a few times a week, those calories are going to add up. Even if you’re adding slight modifications, like asking for non-fat milk, and no whip. Those kinds of drinks have hefty calories, and it’s not like they are going to fill you up. It’s unnecessary calories.

Also, try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Those calories can sneak up on you.

For example, the average glass of red wine is 85 calories. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot, right? However,  if you have a glass every night that’s 595 calories a week.


Lastly, drinking leads to poor sleep, and tiredness leads to eating.

Do you see the cycle, here?

2. Be picky with treats

I know the gingerbread cookies smell delicious, and the peanut butter snowball cookies look wonderful, but, you have to be selective. You have to limit what you’re going to have for dessert.

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat any of it, but definitely watch your portions.

My rule of thumb: pay attention to what is sensual to you.

If it’s chocolate, indulge in a small piece of it, that’s it. If your go-to is shortbread, then have one cookie. You don’t need to eat every treat that’s available.

3. Freeze your leftovers right away

Think about all the calories you indulge at Christmas dinner. Then, we do it all over again the next day with the leftovers.


Instead, keep your leftovers in the freezer! This way you won’t keep going back into the fridge to take a piece of turkey, or a piece of stuffing, or even a spoonful of pumpkin pie.

If you put everything in the freezer, it’ll take more effort to dig in. Without easy access to leftovers, you’re more likely to reach for healthy foods.

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4. Focus on the company

Instead of standing around the food table, engage in the conversations around you. Make those special people your main focus instead of the food.

Play a board game with them, or sing karaoke! Take the time to make memories by living in the moment.

Soak in all the stories you hear from your loved ones. This way you’ll be leaving the event full of love, instead of food.

5. Walk it off

I’m all about traditions! Create a new one by going for a walk with your family before or after holiday dinners. Not only will this burn calories for quick weight loss, but it will also create lasting memories and promote bonding time.

Also, if you go for a walk, your mindset will change. You’ll watch what you eat, because if you were to indulge in food, your walk would be basically meaningless.


Start this healthy tradition this holiday!

6. Find a healthy comfort food

December is filled with cold days which leads to us cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. Chilly weather makes us crave comfort food like pasta, nachos, and pizza. If you end up eating this way every day during the holidays you are going to gain weight.

Now is a good time to eat healthy comfort food that you can indulge in. Try food like turkey chilli, oatmeal, and vegetable stir-fry. Bonus: These foods will “stick to your ribs” and keep you full for a long time.


And lastly, be mindful while you’re eating by chewing slowly, and fully enjoying the flavors of the foods. This will help you eat slower.

Use these tips to help you avoid gaining weight during the holiday season.

You don’t need to avoid the food altogether, besides, you deserve to treat yourself. Remember it’s okay to have some treats here-and-there, just don’t over do it. It’s important to stay in control!

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Kaitlin Livingston is a writer and journalist who covers health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle. Find more of her wellness content on Unwritten.