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New Details Revealed About The Death Of Grammy Award Winning Jazz Singer Nancy Wilson

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How Did Nancy Wilson Die? New Details Jazz Grammy Singer Death

Jazz icon Nancy Wilson has died.

Wilson, 81, died in her Pioneertown, California home on Dec. 13. The cause of her death is still yet to be released however she was known to have suffered from a long-term undisclosed illness.  

When Wilson’s publicist announced her death, Twitter users believed it to be rocker Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson, 64, who is the lead guitarist to the rock band Heart, Page Six reported.

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Twitter users mistook Nancy Wilson as rock band member Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson because of their nearly identical names. Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson acknowledged that their names were so similar and that she was still alive.


She also gave her condolences for the tremendous loss the music world is experiencing due to jazz icon Nancy Wilson’s death.


This isn't the first time their identities have been mistaken.

Seven days prior to the death of jazz icon Nancy Wilson’s death, Lamoureaux Wilson shared an Instagram post showing Google giving her the upcoming concert date of jazz singer Nancy Wilson when she went to search for the concert date of her band, Heart.

The jazz icon got her start singing in her hometown church choir before she moved to New York City following advice from famous saxophone player Cannonball Adderley. It was there that she got a regular gig at Blue Morocco jazz club, according to NPR.

Wilson won three Grammys and recorded 60 albums throughout her entire career. Some of her most famous songs are “Guess Who I Saw Today,” “Face It Girl, It’s Over,” “(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am,” “The Things We Did Last Summer,” and “He’s My Guy.”

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According to The Grapevine “songstress was once known as one of the best-sellers at Capitol Records, next to the Beatles.”

She also hosted NPR’s jazz profiles until 2005.


“I just never considered myself a jazz singer. I do not do runs and — you know. I take a lyric and make it mine. I consider myself an interpreter of the lyric, ” she said in a Page six article.


Wilson is survived by three children and five grandchildren. The family’s statement said that they will honor the late Wilson though a celebration of her life rather than a traditional funeral service.


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