Who Is Bojana Jankovic? Details About Bull Actor Michael Weatherly's Wife

She has not publicly spoken out about the harassment claims against her husband.

Who Is Bojana Jankovic? Details About CBS Bull Actor Michael Weatherly’s Wife instagram

New details have come forward that reveal Bull actress Eliza Dushku accused co-star Michael Weatherly of sexual harassment.

The New York Times reported that in 2017, Dushku told Weatherly that he made her “uncomfortable” on set by making comments about her looks, making a rape joke, and talking about a threesome. She was soon after written off of the show, which Dushku believed was an act of retaliation.  


According to the Times, CBS and Dushku privately settled her case, with the network paying her $9.5 million dollars.

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“During the course of taping our show, I made some jokes mocking some lines in the script,” Weatherly said in a statement. “When Eliza told me that she wasn’t comfortable with my language and attempt at humor, I was mortified to have offended her and immediately apologized. After reflecting on this further, I better understand that what I said was both not funny and not appropriate and I am sorry and regret the pain this caused Eliza.”


Bull is still airing with Weatherly as its lead, and it’s not his first CBS roll. The actor has also appeared on NCIS.

Outside of his career, Weatherly is married and has three children. Who is Weatherly’s wife Bojana Jankovic? Here’s what we know.

1. She’s a doctor.

According to Jankovic’s Instagram page, she’s a board-certified internal medicine physician. “My goal is to inspire, educate, and empower people to achieve their wellness and life goals,” her bio states.

Jankovic’s website reveals that she holds a number of medical certifications and has extensive practice in her field.

2. She’s Serbian.

A Lifeline Aid profile of Jankovic explains that the doctor was born in Serbia and moved to Canada when she was 13. She moved on to the United States after graduating from medical school. According to Lifeline Aid, Jankovic is “passionate about giving back to Serbia.”


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3. They met at a bar in 2007.

Before getting together with Jankovic, Weatherly was famously engaged to Jessica Alba. The two subsequently broke up in 2003 before getting married.  

In an interview with People, Weatherly revealed that Jankovic was the first person he dated after his breakup with Alba. “My friend Colleen was saying, ‘Michael, aren’t you lonely?’ I said, ‘Not really. I’m pretty happy. Works for Clooney!'” Weatherly remembered, but at the same time revealed, “I kept looking out of the corner of my eye and seeing this ravishing, gorgeous beauty.”

Jankovic agreed, telling People, “We made eye contact,” she says. “And that was it.”


The two married in 2009.

4. They have two kids.

Weatherly and Jankovic have a son, Liam, and daughter, Olivia, together. And while Weatherly has said that being a father helps his career because it’s gotten him “used to being in a position of authority,” he claimed Jankovic “is the boss.”

Weatherly also has an adult son with his first wife, who appears to be following in his acting footsteps. “He’s the coolest of the cool,” Weatherly said about his oldest son, explaining that he acted in high school plays. “He played two roles, and I was bursting with pride.”


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