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The Small But Urgent Signs You Need To Drink More Water

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Symptoms & Signs Of Dehydration That Mean You Need To Drink More Water

Water is the building block of life — which we’d say earns this liquid a pretty important spot in most people’s daily routine.

But while getting your daily source of H2O may seem relatively simple, it’s easy for the signs and symptoms of dehydration to sneak in when you don’t fill up your cup quite as often as you should. What are some signs you need to drink more water?

Whether you’re likely to get tangled up in performing the everyday activities associated with your life or you are more likely to grab a cup of juice out of your refrigerator instead, many people find themselves placing water on the back-burner. But if your body begins to show the side effects of dehydration, it’s time to make an effort to quench your thirst fully.

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But you drink when you’re thirsty and even go out of your way to stop by the water fountain several sometimes throughout work. Isn’t that enough? While you may think your current drinking habits are enough, your body may be telling you otherwise.

Not sure when it’s time to fill up your glass?

Here’s a look at 5 common signs and symptoms of dehydration that mean you need to drink more water, plus how you can optimize your health by merely quenching your thirst.

1. The color of your pee.

You might think that paying extra attention to how thirsty you feel is the easiest way to tell if you need more water. But what if we told you one of the simplest ways to determine your hydration is by going to the bathroom instead?

Our urine speaks volumes about our hydration levels, especially given the fact that it reflects how well water is filtered through our bodies. But what do these color differences mean? Generally speaking, bright or dark yellow pee indicates that your kidneys are working overtime.

Reference a urine chart if you’re unsure what your body’s saying about your hydration. Generally, clear urine means you’re doing a good job at keeping your thirst adequately quenched.

2. Your mouth is dry.

If your lips are cracking and the winter weather isn’t to blame, you may be suffering from a case of dry mouth. For many people with this condition, there isn’t enough saliva in the mouth to keep it wet and healthy.

Fortunately, the root cause of this issue may be as simple as moderate or mild dehydration. Medical professionals recommend sipping more water throughout the day to keep your lips — and mouth — healthy and quenched.

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3. You feel extra worn down.

If you spend more hours lying on your coach than on any other activity, it may be time to examine why you have such little energy. While the daily toll of life may seem to be what’s wearing you down, don’t be so quick to discount the fact that your body may be signaling something else is at play, too. This may be one of the signs you need to drink more water.

Need a burst of energy that’ll bring you a sense of rejuvenation? Pour yourself a glass of water. Research suggests that one of the best ways to combat fatigue is to increase your fluids. But don’t just turn to any beverage to do the trick. Since water activates the metabolism, which in turn produces a positive impact on energy levels, be sure to line your fridge with jugs of water instead.

4. Your skin is dull.

A hydrated body is likely to show itself in the form of radiant and glowing skin. So if your skin starts to look a bit tired or dull, it may be time to fix yourself up a tall glass of ice-cold water to enjoy a splash of hydration.

The common signs of dehydrated skin include irritation, roughness, and flaking. If your skin seems to be looking rougher than usual but you aren’t spending too much time in the sun or cold temperatures, your lifestyle may be to blame. Instead of reaching for the Vaseline, make sure to grab a bottle of water instead. Extra sips of water will visibly begin to show through the beauty of your skin.

5. Your muscles are cramping.

Maybe you have this aching in your legs that you can’t seem to shake. Or perhaps your shoulders seem to cramp up periodically throughout the day. You don’t remember bumping these areas or doing anything to warrant this pain — so what could the true source of this cramping be?

While most people are likely to blame aching on pore posture habits or last week’s gym session, few know that the true cause of muscle cramps is often water and electrolyte depletion.

To treat this issue, leave a glass of water by your bedside to ensure that you get at least a cup of H2O in your system every morning and night. When you drink more water, your body will thank you by producing more comfort and ease — no cramping necessary.

Pay attention to the signs you need to drink more water.

If you experience any, the key to reducing these symptoms is often as simple as paying attention to your hydration levels throughout the day.

So pick up that bottle of water and drink until your heart’s content. Not only will your body thank you for nourishing it with this curative liquid at this very moment, but your future self will also be grateful for your enhanced hydration habits, too.

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