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30 Best Rose Gold Hair Ideas

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30 Best Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Rose gold hair has definitely been the biggest hair trend of 2018. Who wants hot pink hair streaks when you can model your hair after your favorite glass of wine?! Uh, we do!

The best thing about adding a little bit of rose to your life is you can either go all out or add just a subtle touch to your ends and it will still make a statement. If you're looking to dye your hair rose, talk to your hair stylist to see what look and color are best fitted for your shade. If you're looking for something a little more temporary, Kristen Ess and Eva NYC make incredible and affordable formula that you can apply in the shower and re-create almost any of these looks.

Whatever you decide, be sure to share your photos of yourself and your hair color ideas making all of these looks your own.

1. Pin Up

This vibrant rose gold hair is giving us old Hollywood vibes. Loving the vibrant color of this tone (and the matching eyeshadow and coat).

2. All Over Shade

Perfect for a light blonde looking to go all rose gold. This look features an effortless root to end shade.

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3. Rose Ambition

If you're a brunette and still wanting to have some fun with your hair, this is a great example of some subtle streaks of rose to help brighten the look!

4. Mixed In

Truly loving how the rose gold is just mixed in perfectly with the blonde. This can easily be re-created with some temporary dye!

5. Rose Balayage

This look is definitely office friendly and a little more sophisticated. The pink is subtle while being noticeable and the roots are well blended into a beautiful balayage.

6. All Over Rose

This rose takes on some more red tones in this style, making it easier to blend with the darker tones of the hair.

7. Ombre

This light ombrè is great for a fun night out with your girlfriends or even a concert. Spraying the ends is a perfect way to mix it up without the commitment.

8. Rosé All Day

Long hair and she doesn't care! This rose-colored hair cured out acne, and solved world hunger. Talk about goals! Be sure to use some color safe shampoo like this Shea Moisture shampoo to keep that color alive and healthy.

9. Soft Glam

This washed rose gold look is giving us so many vintage vibes. Loving the blowout and how the hair curls at her ends.

10. Mixed In and Mixed Up

If you're using the Kristen Ess Rose Gold tint, this is what your blonde hair would look like on day four. After a couple of washes it mixes in with the hair and creates a more rustic look.

11. Deep Tones

This rose color almost brings out more burgundy tones, but we are here for it. If your hair is on the darker end and you're wanting to add some rose tones this may be the perfect example.

12. Tinted

People who have used the Kristen Ess love the shade. We recommend spraying it in on dry hair and then washing it out. 

13. Ariana Vibes

This long pony is giving us serious Ariana Grande vibes. The darker roots really add dimension to the strands and make the rose pop.

14. Top Bun

Pull your hair up into a cute top knot like this one. This style has a lot of added texture, if you're wanting to spice up your bun game throw in some styling cream like this It's A 10 Miracle Potion and you'll love the results.

15. Space Buns

As if the color wasn't enough, you can bring more drama to your hair by wrapping it up into two buns. Perfect for an ugly sweater or New Year's party!

16. Pulled Out Braid

The rose tones in this style are so subtle. You can really make any rose gold look your own. The shade is so buildable, you can start off subtle and work your way to bold!

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17. Lavendaresque

This rose tint looks as though it's been washed a couple of times — and that's okay! The beautiful thing about this color is even as it washes it settles into your hair with very light and crisp colors.

18. Twisted Back

This hairstyle is perfect for a day at the office or out to lunch with a friend. This style was created by twisting the hair on both sides back into a low bun.

19. Highlights

This style shows that instead of going full blown pink you can just add some rose-toned highlights to your hair.

20. Braided Goddess

These messy braids were made for rose gold hair. They mix in perfectly with this wind-blown look.

21. Loose Half Pony

This half pony is brought to life by the loose curls falling out of the style. This adds dimension to the lower half bringing out more shades of color within the hair.

22. Double Buns

This entire look is a YES! To achieve this look, simply part your hair down the middle (leaving out your bangs if you have them) and tie them loosely into buns.

23. Curly Hair

Sometimes when you have incredibly curly hair you're limited as to what options you have. The subtle shades of pink throughout her frames brighten up her face and really make her glow.

24. Shaved Sides

The all-over tone of this hair style is stunning. The added curls at the crown of her head create a gorgeous day-to-night look.

25. Silky Smooth

This brushed out curl look is what hair dreams are made of. To achieve this look, all you have to do is curl your hair (in the same direction) and then loosely brush it all out.

26. Kate Hudson

A true trendsetter! The great thing about adding some color to your hair is you can add it anywhere and it will still look good. Love the look of the scattered pink tones framing her face.

27. Katy Perry

Katy's rooted pink look is an incredible idea for a fun night out. Love how she mixed it up with this great style!

28. Kylie Jenner

The queen of changing up her hair. If Kylie Jenner does it, it's obviously a trend!

29. Blunt Bob

This blunt pop is the biggest mood of 2018. Loving the blunt chop and gorgeous all-over color.

30. Up-Do

All photos: Pinterest

Talk about bridal goals! This gorgeous updo sure enough made any white gown pop. A fun way to mix up your wedding attire for sure!

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