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30 Best Dance Movies Of All Time

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30 Best Dance Movies Of All Time

For a period of roughly 18 months, my mom had me take jazz, ballet, and tap classes. I loved watching people dance but I hated doing it myself, and, to be honest, even then I knew I wasn't exactly good at it.

When I told her I didn't want to do it anymore, she didn't argue. She got it. That's because, much like me, my mother was born with a passion for dance and a total lack of ability. 

Thankfully for both of us, we can savor our love of the dance without having to force anyone else to watch us shake our proverbial groove things.

And you can, too — thanks to the power, beauty, and majesty of dance movies! 

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Is there any better cure-all than watching your favorite dance movie? Even the ones that are sad tend to lift us up, and that's just one more reason why we love them.

Here, in our humble estimation, are 30 of the best dance movies of all time. 

1. Dirty Dancing 

Nobody puts baby in a corner... and nobody writes a list of the best dance movies without putting Dirty Dancing on it. 

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2. Footloose 

Yeah, only the original if you please! The year was 1984, and Kevin Bacon? Boy, was he cutting some moves. 

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3. Center Stage 

Jody Sawyer's got "bad feet," but she's got the "it" factor, in this, the best dance movie ever. 

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4. Save The Last Dance 

An interracial romance and a passionate union of two dance styles? Say no more.

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5. Billy Elliot 

Little boy, big dreams? Working class family? Thatcher Era class wars? I mean, what more do you need? 

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6. Step Up 

You can watch every single movie the franchise ever whips up, but the OG is the OG for a reason. 

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7. West Side Story 

Jets or Sharks — it doesn't matter which side you're on because both have moves. 

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8. Strictly Ballroom 

This Baz Lurhman classic is all about celebrating dance, and celebrating a life not lived in fear!

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9. All That Jazz 

This semi-autobiographical movie about the life of choreographer Bob Fosse has dance moves for days. 

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10. Grease

Sandy and Danny's summer love gave way to a musical that will have everyone toe-tapping away at the big dance. 

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11. Hairspray 

Look, sure, there's a remake of the musical from 2007, but if you want to see real dance moves, check out the first incarnation courtesy of John Waters. 

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12. Burlesque 

Is this movie campy? Uh, clearly yes. But is it a dance movie for the ages? Also clearly yes. 

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13. Victor/Victoria 

It doesn't matter if she's male or female; in the eponymous role, Julie Andrews rocks it. 

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14. High Strung 

Intense ballerina, intense violist, super intense rivals, super-fun to watch. 

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15. Shall We Dance?

My introduction to Japanese cinema, and a true, sweet, quiet classic. 

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16. The Red Shoes 

If your mom took ballet lessons, this movie is probably the reason why. 

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17. Singing In The Rain 

Sure, singing might be in the title, but it's the dancing in the rain that you'll really remember. 

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18. White Nights 

Two words: Young Baryshnikov. 

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19. Chicago 

The tale of a woman arrested for shooting and killing her lover shouldn't make you want to get up and dance. And yet, here we are. 

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20. You Got Served 

A nice reminder that there's more than one style of dance that you can't actually do. 

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21. Happy Feet 

Sure it's animated, but the animation itself was captured using technology and real tappers! 

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22. Honey 

Gotta love early Jessica Alba as an aspiring big-city dancer. 

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23. Magic Mike 

Two words: Channing Tatum. 

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24. Breakin' 

If you haven't seen this 1984 breakdancing classic, rectify that. 

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25. The Turning Point 

Shirley McClaine is my once and forever queen all thanks to this 1970s flick. 

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26. Black Swan 

This isn't, like, a celebration of dancing — it's a dark psychodrama, but that doesn't mean we can't also appreciate the dancing. 

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27. Fame 

The story of kids at New York's High School For The Performing Arts will have you up and dancing by the first number. 

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28. Swing Time 

You're very lucky there's only one Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie on this list. 

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29. Cabaret 

It was deeply difficult for me not to make this the number one movie on the list for Liza alone. Such dancing! 

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30. An American In Paris 

Gene Kelly is considered by many to be the best male dancer of all time. Check this flick out to see why. 

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