12 Best Color-Correction Hair Products

Undo the mistakes of your stylist.

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When you get your hair colored and it's not what you expected, it may feel like reason to panic. But all is not lost! There are options out there for color correction hair problems, like a color corrector or color remover.

Of course, sometimes it will remove the dye but not restore your natural hair color. And to be clear, a lot of these situations are best left to the professionals.

But the best hair products aren't limited to shampoos, conditioners, and gels. Color correcting products are sometimes inconsistent and can be hard to work with, but if you're ready to give it a try, here are some of our favorites.


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1. eSalon Custom Hair Color Kit

The custom color kit is formulated with salon-grade quality products to give you that salon look for a fraction of the price, delivered directly to your door. It includes easy-to-follow, simple instructions, and they even give you a little sticker to mount them to your mirror.


(eSalon, $10 color plan or $25 for single color)

2. Keune Haircosmetics Silver Savior Shampoo

Whether you are wearing the trendy silvery blonde, rocking the gray Mother Nature gave you, or sporting any other cool blonde tone, Keune Haircosmetics’ new Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner are the answers to your prayers. Brass-busting deep violet pigments neutralize unwanted warm tones, refreshing and brightening the color, and nourishing pro-vitamin B5 keeps your hair looking and feeling silky soft.


(Check for rates, reviews and availability, Amazon)

3. Roux Fanci-Full Instant Color Mousse in Golden Spell

Roux Fanci-Full Instant Color Mousse makes it easy to return brassy blondes to beautiful warm golden hues. Apply it just like a styling mousse to freshly shampooed hair, style and you’re ready to go! It’s that easy.


(Sally Beauty, $10.29)

4. BioSilk Color Therapy Cool Blonde Shampoo

This purple shampoo provides color protection to highlighted and lightened hair helping to balance brassy tones, keeping blondes cooler than ever. This dynamic sulfate-free formula also neutralizes and eliminates unwanted yellow tones from gray and white hair to maintain healthier, shinier and more vibrant blonde color.


(BioSilk, $16.98)

5. CHI Color Illuminate Conditioners

With seven shades to pick from, these color-enhancing conditioners provide balanced color replenishment in between salon services. Color Illuminate directly deposits color dyes or tones in one easy conditioning step. Featuring Silk Amino Complex which contains ceramic, amino acids and silk that deeply penetrate the hair cuticle for ultimate color deposit and moisture delivery.


(CHI, $17)

6. Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Ammonia- and bleach-free formula restores hair to its original shade. Hair Color Remover by Color Oops features an extra-conditioning formula that moisturizes with soy protein and aloe vera. It safely removes both permanent and semi-permanent colors in only 20 minutes.


(Ulta, $8.99)

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7. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Tone-Correcting Shampoo

Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo by John Frieda renews color for noticeable brighter blonde in just 3 washes. Say bye bye to the hair color you absolutely hate.


(Ulta, $8.49)

8. One 'n Only Colorfix

This hair product removes unwanted permanent hair color regardless of how long it has been in the hair. One N Only Colorfix is designed for full or slight color corrections. From 6 to 16 applications, depending on whether use is for partial or full color correction, it's effective on all hair types, and doesn't contain ammonia, bleach or formaldehyde.


(Sally Beauty, $13.29)

9. Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask

A purple treatment mask that neutralizes brassy or yellow tones for light blonde hair. It neutralizes brassy, gray and yellow tones, deeply nourishes hair with shea butter, sweet almond, and buriti oil, and revives highlights.

(Check for rates, reviews and availability, Amazon)


10. John Frieda Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer

John Frieda Root Blur Color Blending Concealer blends away dark roots with a single stroke. The dual-shade palette of our Color Blending Concealer gives you the freedom to customize your shade and allows you to blend to perfection. The mineral-pressed powder instantly adheres to conceal your roots.

(Ulta, $19.99)


11. Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector removes the permanent hair color, establishing a base to recolor. It will not restore the hair to its original, natural hair color, but it removes dark tint, unwanted dark spots, and color build-up. It also helps to remove muddy and drab-looking color, which can be the result of too many previous color changes.

(Check for rates, reviews and availability, Amazon)


12. Colortrak Hair Color Remover Wipes

Easily dissolve hair color stains from skin including face, neck and hands by simply wiping with one safe and easy wipe off moist towelette. The non-irritating gentle formula has aloe to clean and a fresh scent.

(Check for rates, reviews and availability, Amazon)


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