6 Reasons Why People Mistaken Gemini Friendliness As Flirting, Per Astrology

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6 Reasons Why People Mistaken Gemini Friendliness As Flirtation, Per Astrology

It's hard to understand the Gemini zodiac sign. Ruled by the fastest planet, Mercury, it's no wonder that it's tough to keep up with the mind and energy of astrology's Twins.

When I was younger, I got asked out by guys I really wasn’t too interested in, but they were completely intrigued by me. 

Nonetheless, I still went on dates with them because I was curious and thought I might have fun getting to know a new person — partially because I did feel bad as I recognize it takes a lot of courage to ask someone else.

Also because you never knew where it could go. This is the core of a Gemini horoscope's mind. They always wonder what might happen next if they try something new. 

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The mistake here was that I could never quite fake a romantic interest in someone. I’ll never forget this one time after the date, the guy texted me “I feel like we weren’t getting along like we used to before this date.”

I was confused. First, he never explicitly said this was a date, just that we were hanging out. Second: Why did he think I was into him in the first place just because I was friendly?

It was then I realized everyone, to even this day in my life, mistakes a Gemini’s friendliness for flirtation. It’s no surprise there would be some confusion between our friendliness and flirtation.

Now, in order to understand the duality of the Gemini more, you must know that we’re creatures of exploration.

Here are 6 reasons why a Gemini zodiac sign seems to be flirting when in actuality they are just friendly people trying to get to know you better. 

1. We love getting to know the lives of everyone.

This is because we only live one life so to learn about someone else’s is an absolute pleasure to us.

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2. We know the best way to connect with people is being personable.

Imagine if we had the guardedness of a Scorpio? We wouldn’t be able to fulfill out human relationship tank. At the same time, our friendliness doesn’t mean we aren’t guarded either. A Gemini might befriend everyone but their ride or die list is very short. That’s besides the point. I’m talking about how many think we’re flirty but really we’re just trying to get to know everyone.

3. Being nice sometimes looks like flirting, even when it's not. 

When I was told by friends about their fascination with how I flirt and how often I do it, I was perplexed. To me, I was simply being a nice person and genuinely trying to get to know you.


4. A Gemini doesn’t do the small talk.

We want to know what makes you tick and what makes you, you. We’re intrigued by all facets of what makes someone special. So we ask the tough questions, we get straight to the point. It’s not about me, this conversation is about you, and we have no trouble just listening.

In retrospect, I can see how that can be muddled with romantic intentions. The issue is, we shouldn’t assume that everyone either hates us or wants to marry us. Those are two opposite ends of a spectrum.  

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5. When a Gemini flirts, there will be no doubts.


As a Gemini, I also know when I’m being friendly and when I’m being flirty. Those are two vastly different actions and intentions, which aren’t the same to the Gemini. There are small nuances in how we act that change the meaning of when a Gemini flirts or is being friendly. I’m not faulting the Gemini for their actions unless they have malicious intent. 

However, most of the time we just want to get to know someone. It makes it incredibly hard to do when everyone thinks we want to get in their pants.

Instead I call upon everyone to take accountability for their assumptions. Don’t assume someone likes you because they were nice to you. Don’t be disappointed if your Gemini doesn’t reciprocate romantic feelings either.

6. A Gemini converses from a place of curious inquisition.

You’re the unread book and a Gemini is ready to read all the chapters. They want to get to know everyone and the fastest way to do that is through a person’s heart. How else are you supposed to connect with people? Any other way is surface level intimacy, and Gemini's thirst for knowledge makes them want to explore. 

Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.