New Details About The Woman Who Claims Chris Watts Played Out A 'Rape Fantasy' After Their Tinder Date

She was humiliated.

Who Is Amanda McMahon? Details Woman Chris Watts Tinder Date Assault WELD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

One of Chris Watts' mistresses says he played out a "rape fantasy" when they hooked up months before he murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters.

Amanda McMahon told authorities she met the convicted killer on Tinder and agreed to meet with him for sex. The pair linked up at a fast food parking lot and went back to McMahon's place and had what she called "rough" and "aggressive" sex that she described as a "rape fantasy."


"When I asked her to explain she said Watts was very rough and described seeing Watts’ face and tattoos," the investigator wrote in a report obtained by Daily Mail. "I asked Amanda to tell me what happened after they left the Chick-fil-A. She said Watts followed her to her apartment. Upon arrival they went inside her apartment and described things as 'really fast and aggressive.'"


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Watts, who reportedly had many mistresses, tried to make McMahon have anal sex, she told authorities, and got a bit too forceful once during the encounter.

"I asked Amanda to describe what she meant about Watts being aggressive with her," wrote the investigator. "Amanda said she was told not to say too much without an attorney present to prevent incriminating herself. I informed her I was interviewing her as a witness and not as a suspect."

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"Regarding Watts’ alleged rough behavior, Amanda said she was humiliated, it was weird and that Watts attempted to 'stick it in her butt.' Amanda said Watts also pulled her hair and put his arms around her neck. She described it as a 'rape fantasy.' Amanda explained (and demonstrated) she had to push Watts off her at one point."



Despite the rough sex, McMahon said there were no red flags that made her suspect Watts would murder his wife and daughters, adding that she didn't feel nervous about him being in her home until she found out about the homicides months later.

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"Amanda said their meeting was just about sex and 'It’s kinda funny now' because Watts is a 'killer,'" the investigator wrote. "Amanda explained she didn’t suspect anything and 'no radars went off or anything' but that it was scary because Watts was in her home."

McMahon said she learned of the murders through Facebook.

"Amanda said she received numerous messages regarding the Facebook post but no longer had the messages," the investigator wrote. "She said the messages started after she posted in a sleuth chat group she met Watts on Tinder. Amanda said after making that post she was being harassed and contacted by many people including media reporters."


Watts is currently serving five life sentences without parole in the August slayings of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two daughters, Celeste and Bella. Watts strangled all three of his family members before disposing of their bodies. Shanann's body was found in a shallow grave on the property of Watts' former workplace. The girls' remains were dumped in oil tanks on the same property. 

Watts, who previously only admitted to killing his kids, confessed to murdering his wife, who was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, in a newly released video from the Weld County District Attorney's office. In the video, Watts is seen telling his father that he "freaked out" and killed Shanann during a fight about separating, CNN reports.

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