This Personality Test Reveals How Empathic You Really Are

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For years my mother used to talk about how the women in her family had a sort of "second sight." My sister and I would roll our eyes to her face, but then tell stories late into the night about the awesome women who were our relatives, and together weave stories about what would happen to us when we finally got out own mental superpowers.

While I no longer believe in psychic abilities, I do believe that there are people whose sensitivity to the emotions and thoughts of the people around them is so high that they can make tremendous insights into a person's life, or provide them with guidance should they need it at any point.

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I'm not the only person who believes this, either. In fact, the idea of being empathic, a person who takes on an feels the emotions of the people around them, is gaining more and more followers as time has gone on. 

Has anyone ever called you "too sensitive"? Do you need to take a lot of time to yourself because you find spending too much time with people draining? Do you sometimes get so stressed out and upset by the feelings your friends or loved ones are experiencing that it feels like it's happening to you? Has anyone ever said that they think you're a little psychic?

You, my friend, might be an empath! If you want to know for sure, all you have to do is take our brief, free personality test.

This visual personality quiz only takes a couple of seconds to help you establish just how empathic you really are. To complete it, simply look at the image below and pay close attention to the first thing in the image that captures your eye.

Once you've done that, scroll down to read about how what you saw reveals just how empathic you really are. Go on now, what are you waiting for? 

The woman

If you saw the woman first when you looked at this image, you consider yourself to be an expert on people, on how they think and how they feel. The truth of the matter is that you're an expert on... yourself.

You're not selfish or self-obsessed, but you aren't empathic either! Chances are you're a person who has spent a lot of time figuring themselves out and you're eager to share what you've learned

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The woman's reflection

If you saw the woman's reflection first, you are the kind of individual who has always been fascinated by studying other people. You are very intelligent, and that includes emotional intelligence.

You can often figure out what someone is thinking or feeling even if they think they're keeping it under wraps. You may be empathic, or you may just be good with people. Either way, it's an awesome gift. 

The water

If you saw the water first, you're definitely empathic. While others who look at this image might be distracted by the woman and her reflection, you were focusing on the things that surround her, on how the ripples in the water seem to change and alter her image.

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You were born this way, and even if you're just now realizing that the way you see and feel things might be different, you'll easily get a grasp on that. 

The wall 

If you saw the wall first, you have a tough time understanding people. They have just never been your focus. It's not that you don't like people, but very often the things they say and do are confusing to you and you'd give anything to figure them out.

You aren't empathic, but people interest you and that means you're likely an engaged and thoughtful friend. 

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