The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals What Draws People To You

Everyone has something about them that certain people just can't resist.

personality test image of optical illusion

I don't think of myself as being a person who is very charming or charismatic. Obviously not, because even if I were going around thinking that way about myself, it would make me a total narcissist.

Nobody likes to sit around and think about their better qualities, whether by self-actualization or by a personality test or personality quiz. But the truth of the matter is that we should.

While thinking too much about ourselves can lead to navel-gazing, you can also learn an exceptional amount about who you are by assessing your positive personality traits — and your negative ones, too.


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Knowing what makes you attractive, fun, and engaging to other people is a great positive personality trait to assess. That's because if we figure out what it is about us that draws our family and friends to our side, we can consciously use those personality traits to help us make more friends, enhance our existing relationships, and even get ahead professionally.

The personality test below reveals what draws people to you.

It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to sit around and try to figure out what makes you so attractive to others. But that's where this free personality test comes in. Take this quick, simple personality quiz and you'll know exactly what it is about that keeps people coming back.


The test couldn't be any easier: simply look at the optical illusion below and pay close attention to the first thing that you see. Once you've got it, scroll down, and read about how what you saw first has to say about what makes you so attractive to other people.

what draws people to you personality test

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If you saw the people first

If you saw the people first, the thing about you that people can't resist is your amazing ability to go with the flow.


While this might make you sound laid back, you could also be anything but.

Friends count on you when it comes to going to a strange new place, checking out a new restaurant, or just generally going on adventures.

You're a strong leader with an eye for what's next, just don't forget to savor the moment.

If you saw the flying saucers first

If you saw the flying saucers first, the thing about you that people can't resist is your good heart.

Not only are you loving, and patient, and kind, but you also happen to be one of those rare people who never judge a friend or turns them away for making a decision that might be seen as risky or unconventional.

You're loyal to a fault. But what draws people to you could also hurt you, so make sure to protect yourself while you're busy lovin' on everyone else.


If you saw the alien face first

If you saw the alien face first, the thing about you that keeps people coming back is the way you fully embrace the weird and wacky.

You've never been one to do what everyone else is doing.

You're an odd duck and you're proud of that oddness, and that makes others feel comfortable being odd with you.


Greatness often inspires imitators, so try not to lose your cool when losers bite your style. ​

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