Who Is Todd Young's Wife? New Details About Jennifer Young

She's Dan Quayle's niece.

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Todd Young has served as a U.S. Senator from Indiana since 2017 but before winning his seat, he was a U.S. Representative from his state. When Dan Coats retired in 2016, Young succeeded him and he will take over as senior Senator for Indiana when Joe Donnelly leaves office in the beginning of 2019.

As a Republican, it’s no surprise he shares many of the same values with his colleagues. He’s pro-life and is vehemently opposed to legal abortion, even believing that employers can refuse birth control to employees based on their personal religious views. He voted for legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, and has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee.


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He’s also opposed to the DREAM Act and “wants an immigration system based on merit and job skills,” but introduced a bill to end the family separations occurring at the border due to Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.


In addition to his conservative views, Young received over $2 million in donations from the NRA, and is pro-gun. But where his colleagues are against same-sex marriage and are generally anti-LGBT, he believes same-sex marriage is a debate for the states to decide, and even voted with Democrats “in favor of a spending amendment to uphold former President Obama's executive order prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation for federal contractors.”

But what do we know about his personal life? As a “moderate” conservative by technical terms, does this mean his life in the spotlight has caused any damage in his marriage? Just who is Todd Young’s wife? Here are 5 details to know about Jennifer Young.

1. They met in law school.


When Todd went back to school for a J.S. Degree at Indiana University, that’s where he first laid eyes on Jennifer Tucker, his future wife.

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2. They’ve been married 13 years.

The couple tied the knot in 2005.

3. They have four kids.

They are parents to three daughters and one son: Annalise, Abigail, Ava, and Tucker.


4. They once worked together.

After getting married, the couple worked together at a small law firm that Jennifer’s great-grandfather started.

5. She has a famous uncle.

Jennifer is the niece of Dan Quayle, the former Vice President under George H.W. Bush. What makes things even cooler is that her husband now holds his U.S. Senate seat.

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