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The 5 Best Foods To Eat Before Going Out Drinking So You Don't Die Of A Hangover The Next Day

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Hangover Cures: The Best Foods To Eat Before Drinking To Stop Nausea & Get Rid Of Headaches

By Kaitlin Livingston

If you’re planning on getting dressed up and going out with the girls for a few drinks this weekend, make sure you’re fueling yourself properly beforehand. You probably know not to drink on an empty stomach, but what should you eat before drinking?

I hardly go out anymore, but the older I get, the worse I feel after a night on the town.

And while it might be unexpected, it turns out the best hangover cure is all about prevention.

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You may think loading up on greasy food is your best bet to avoid a hangover, but that isn’t actually the case. Actually, the best foods that you should be eating before a night of drinking are good for you.

So, before you drink, enjoy these five delicious foods that help prevent a hangover by stopping nausea and getting rid of headaches before they even start!

1. Hummus

Hummus is my absolute favorite, so I’m happy it makes the grade as a “pregame food.” It is full of B vitamins, which alcohol kills. It also has amino acids, which will help you not wake up the next morning with a killer hangover!

Bonus tip: Eat this delicious dip with raw veggies instead of bread, and you’ll load up on macronutrients, which will give you energy.

2. Salmon

Alcohol burns your body’s B12 vitamins, which is why you may not always remember everything from your night of drinking. B12 helps with your short-term memory and cognitive functions. So, if you eat salmon before you drink, you’ll still be able to remember all the good times from the night before!

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3. Grilled Chicken

Alcohol can make your sugar levels alternately spike and crash, but eating chicken can keep your sugar levels steady. If you indulge in a delicious grilled chicken breast before you start drinking, you won’t feel shaky because the nutrients will keep your body’s sugar steady. Also, the protein in the chicken will slow down how quickly your blood alcohol level rises.

4. Pears

Eating Asian pears or drinking pear juice before you start drinking reduces alcohol’s effects by 20 percent. This happens because pears quickly flush the alcohol from your body, which helps lower your blood alcohol level. So, do some shots of pear juice before you do those tequila shots!

5. Pickles

Eating pickles before you go out and before you go to bed proves to be extremely beneficial.Pickles are full of electrolytes, which help reduce alcohol’s effects on the body. Consuming alcohol destroys our electrolytes, causing dizziness and headaches. So drink some pickle juice or eat some pickles either the night you hit the town or the morning after, and restore those electrolytes!

Pick something from this list to eat before you drink. Trust me; your body will thank you the next morning. It’s also crucial to drink water throughout the night, so try having a glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated. The next time you drink, try the right mix of food and water to ensure you’ll wake up feeling OK!

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Kaitlin Livingston an editor for Unwritten. She was a former journalist, but now she is pursuing public relations. Follow her on Instagram.

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