New Details About Almarosa Tenorio The Woman Who Was Pushed To Her Death From A Cruise Ship

She was seen arguing with her husband hours before she died.

Who Is Almarosa Tenorio? Details Woman Murdered Royal Princess Aruba Cruise Facebook

The woman who fell to her death from the 16th deck of a Royal Princess cruise ship reportedly told her children that she didn't want to go on the trip because she "knew something was going to happen." 

Almarosa Tenorio, 52, fell from the boat after witnesses saw her arguing with a "muscular man" in the early morning hours Nov. 13. Some of them even said they saw the man push and choke her. 

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After she was allegedly pushed, Tenorio landed on a lifeboat on the seventh deck of the ship and severed her leg. Her cause of death has not been revealed, and both U.S. and Arubian police are investigating. 

While witnesses couldn't identify the man seen pushing Tenorio, people did see her arguing with her husband, Leo Tenorio, 51, earlier that night in the casino. 

According to Tenorio's children, Andrea and Tim, the couple left for the cruise on Monday so they could work on their marriage. 


"My mom did not want to go on this cruise," Andrea said. "She did not. Blank point. She knew something was going to happen. He specifically said they were going on this cruise because they wanted one week in order to work on their relationship just them two alone." 

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Tim said before they left, his mother hugged him for a long time, and when he asked her why, she replied: "Well it might be the last hug you get from me." 

Leo was reportedly brought in for questioning but was soon allowed to return home to Alabama. Police have not named him or anyone else as a suspect in her death. 


Leo, an airbus executive, said in a statement that his wife's death would "haunt him," and that he hopes to treat the memory of his wife "with respect." 

Aruban prosecutors confirmed that Leo was taken off the boat and that the woman's death is being treated as "unnatural."

Tim and Andrea have said they love both of their parents, and a GoFundMe page has been set up for funeral expenses. They're looking to raise $10,000. 


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