Who Is Catherine Cortez Masto's Husband? New Details On Paul Masto​

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who is Catherine Cortez Masto's husband

Before becoming a U.S. Senator from the state of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto was the Attorney General of Nevada, worked as a civil attorney in Las Vegas, and as a criminal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. Though she served as Attorney General for two terms, she was unable to serve a third due to term limits.

But she’s also made history along the way. Upon winning the Senate election in Nevada, she became the first woman elected from Nevada, as well as the first Latina to serve in the Senate specifically. A Democrat, she holds many of the same viewpoints as her colleagues: she believes that climate change is caused by humans, supports same-sex marriage, is pro-choice, and supports the DREAM Act.

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Though she is a gun holder, she supports gun control, leading the NRA to give her a rating of “F,” and even spent $1 million on an ad attacking her. But does a life such as hers in the spotlight affect her relationship? Just who is Catherine Cortez Masto’s husband? Here are 4 things to know about Paul Masto.

1. They met while he worked for Bill Clinton.

In 1995, Cortez Masto joined the staff of then-Governor Bob Miller. In the 1990s, she served as his chief of staff, and was given an assignment to coordinate the logistics of then-President Bill Clinton visiting Las Vegas. When coordinating, she met Paul Masto!

“He asked me out on a date and he said, ‘Like a good attorney, I asked you out for dinner and you negotiated for lunch,’” she recalled.

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2. He’s a former Secret Service Agent.

Masto worked for the U.S. Secret Service as a Special Agent.

3. He runs a private security firm.

Since he’s retired as a Secret Service Agent, he provides security for two medical marijuana businesses, GreenMart and Silver Leaf Farms. It’s interesting because her platform in 2016 was anti-cannabis and was against legalizing it in her state. Masto is also the president and CEO of Universal Security Specialists.

4. They are modestly wealthy.

Unlike many Senators currently serving, Paul Masto and his wife’s net worth is well below what you’d expect from millionaires. They have a networth of between $740,000 and $1.88 million, according to filings from 2015.

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