Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren's Divorce Is Final

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce is final

The marriage is over, so Tiger can finally run free.

About eight months after divorce proceedings began, the marriage between Tiger Woods and long-suffering wife Elin Nordegren officially ended on Monday.

Elin's "friends" told RadarOnline that she's both relieved and upset, saying, "She’s so happy that it’s over...But at the same time she’s devastated by everything that happened and filing the paper and making the divorce official brought home the reality of the situation and it hit her hard." 

And we thought that stuff like the neverending parade of hookers and skanks going public with their Tiger tales, The Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant and Tiger's sexts plastered all over the Internet was enough to bring home the reality of the situation. But we imagine that the legal end to the marriage just brought all of the reasons behind it back to the surface, so we can't blame Elin for feeling a bit out of sorts. Tiger Woods Admits He "Let Family Down"

Although Elin and Tiger have said that their focus now is on daughter Sam and son Charlie, it seems that they will be parenting separately. No family trips to Disney World are on the horizon. Although they plan to share custody, Elin may move back to Sweden, taking the kids (and her $100 million) with her. And with Tiger's busy schedule and Sam approaching school age, who knows how often Tiger will actually get to spend with his family. But despite being a dog, there's never been any evidence to suggest that he's been anything but a good father to the kids, so we're sure he'll work something out.

It's probably best for the kids that their parents don't spend much time in each other's company, considering the icy state of their relationship. Elin's mystery friends say, "She doesn’t talk to him. They almost never come face to face anymore and when they do she doesn’t say a word...This is not a divorce where the parties are going to end up being friendly toward each other. There is still a lot of raw pain."

Of course, the burning question is: Now that Tiger is free, will he continue his womanizing ways? Or is he only interested in forbidden fruit?

Scoop: RadarOnline and Celebitchy. Photo: Reuters.