Who Is Tina Smith's Husband? New Details On Archie Smith

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who is Tina Smith's husband

After Al Franken resigned after sexual misconduct allegations, Tina Smith was chosen to replace him. But in the 2018 midterm elections, she defeated her opponent, Karin Housley, for the seat, winning 53 percent of the vote. Prior to serving as a Senator from Minnesota, she was the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota for three years. She’s also a member of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, an affiliate of the Democratic Party.

Since winning her seat, Smith has vowed to fight pharmaceutical companies, lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and helping to allow Minnesotans to buy into Medicare.

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But aside from being a champion for the American people when it comes to healthcare and big business, what is her personal life like? Who is Tina Smith’s husband? Here are 5 things to know about Archie Smith.

1. They’ve been married for 34 years.


Archie Smith and I met in 1982. It was September. Ronald Reagan was President and the Falklands war was all over the news. We were watching the Year of Living Dangerously, Tootsie, and Diner. Roberta Flack, Tainted Love, and David Bowie were playing at the dances. Archie was listening to the Sawmill Creek Band and John Prine on cassette tapes, and I still had a lot to learn about country rock. We met in the food line at school. My general approach, since I was new, was to make friends with everyone. So I cast my eye on Archie and got to work. “What did you do this summer?” I ask. Archie promptly tells me that he was a fly fishing guide in Montana. This worries me, because I know that most people shoot for a business job, this being business school and all. But I plow forward. My only conversational option is to stick with fishing. I know just a little about fly fishing, so I’m aware that dedicated fly fishers tie their own flies. It’s all I’ve got to keep the conversation going. “Do you tie your own flies?” I ask hopefully. Archie answers, “yes!” also looking at me hopefully. Maybe I am woman of his fly fishing dreams? Now what? My knowledge of fly fishing is tapped out. But I like this guy, so I reach desperately for some other ruse to keep the conversation going. “Hmmm,” I say. “I play the oboe and tie my own reeds. I bet that’s a lot like tying flies!” Archie didn't really talk to me for a while after that. But before too long, we found more interesting things to do, and more interesting things to talk about than flies and reeds. And today, 34 years after we stood before our friends and families and pledged to love each other forever, we are still loving each other forever. And that is the great blessing of my life. So, here’s to Archie, the funny, smart, patient, energetic, fly fishing, constant loving presence in my life. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for not holding the oboe reed comment against me. For long. #anniversary

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They married in 1984 after meeting on the food line while attending college. New to the area, Smith approached her future husband and struck up small talk!

2. They have two kids.


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The couple are parents to two sons, Sam and Mason, who live in Minnesota with them.

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3. He’s an investor.

Archie is an investor with a focus on medical industry stocks. He’s a previous partner of Rothschild Capital Partners, “with a focus on publicly traded medical device stocks,” and a Venture Partner with SightLine Partners, “a venture capital firm focused on investments in later stage private medical device companies.”

4. The family is quite wealthy.

In a full financial disclosure form, Smith revealed that her family has assets ranging from $5 to $12 million. The family owns stocks in U.S. Bancorp and TCF Financial, and highlights med-tech companies as well.

5. He’s been accused of having offshore hedge funds.

In an ad by her opponent, Karin Housley, Housley accused the Smith family of profiting off of opioid drugs and drug companies. But that’s not entirely accurate according to AP News. Since her husband is an investor, he’s invested in Abbott Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson.

He has almost half a million dollars invested in Abbott, which marketed OxyContin and have been blamed for escalating the opioid crisis. However, he only acquired the stock last year. According to Andrew Kolodny, the director of opioid policy research at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, “They were a major opioid player in the past. Today, they’re not.”

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