Who Is Gary Peters' Wife? New Details About Colleen Ochoa

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who is Gary Peters' wife

Senator Gary Peters was elected to Congress in 2015, serving the state of Michigan as a Democrat. But before this, he was a U.S. Representative for Michigan's 14th congressional district, which includes Detroit and Pontiac.

And even before he started a career in politics, he served in the U.S. Navy Reserve and spend over two decades as an investment advisor. Peters has also been Commissioner of the Michigan Lottery.

In 2014, he was elected to replace Senator Carl Levin. Since then, he’s been a staunch supporter of stricter gun laws. A gun owner himself, he participated in Chris Murphy’s gun control filibuster, which was a response to the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. He’s also a member of the Congressional NextGen 9-1-1 Caucus, which works to improve the 9-1-1 phone system and emergency response systems.

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In addition to his call for gun control, he’s also voted for legislation that supports women’s issues like pay equality, voted to enforce against hate crimes, supports civil rights, believes in education for Michigan’s children, and wants to protect the environment and its resources.

But what about his personal life? How does his family feel about his political positions and serving as a Senator? Just who is Gary Peters’ wife? Here are 4 details to know about Colleen Ochoa and their relationship.

1. She holds multiple degrees.


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Ochoa has a bachelor’s of arts in Communications from Oakland University, as well as a master of arts in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University.

2. She’s worked in non-profits.

She has a history of working in non-profit organizations and was previously the Senior Director for Forgotten Harvest, and worked in Philanthropic Services at Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. She’s skilled in event management, media relations, volunteer management, and planned giving.

3. She currently works for a consulting company.

Ochoa is currently the principal for Meaningful Impact Consulting, LLC.

4. They have three kids.


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The couple are parents to three children: Madeleine, Gary, Jr., and Alana.

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