Interesting New Details About Ed Markey's Wife, Susan Blumenthal​

She's an accomplished medical professional.

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Since 2013, Ed Markey has served as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts as a member of the Democratic Party, and now, he’s the first politician to beat out a Kennedy in 50 years, nabbing the Democratic bid for the Mass. Senate primary on the night of Sept. 1 after a heated race. Like many of the other Democrats in the Senate, Markey shares their political beliefs. He is pro-choice, has a history of voting for women’s rights, supported legislation to protect the LGBT community, and is an environmentalist.


Who is Ed Markey’s wife, Susan Blumenthal? 

It turns out the Senator’s lady has also worked for the government! Here are some interesting facts to know about Dr. Susan Blumenthal.

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When did Ed Markey and Susan Blumenthal get married?

The couple tied the knot in 1988.



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Where did Susan Blumenthal go to school?

She has a master’s degree from Harvard University School of Government, completed a residency at Stanford, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health. She attended medical school at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine.


Ed Markey's wife is considered a pioneer in the medical field.

Blumenthal is credited with using technology to improve health and information for a variety of issues, and established some of the first internet sites geared toward health in the government, particularly Federal web portals on global health, nutrition, and youth violence prevention. Her work has increased awareness, funding and research for constantly overlooked medical and health issues, including suicide, disease prevention, HIV/AIDS, and women’s health.

Where does Susan Blumenthal teach?

She’s a visiting professor at Stanford and Brandeis University, and a visiting fellow at Harvard. She’s also been the Elizabeth Blackwell lecturer and Bundy visiting professor at the Mayo Clinic. Blumenthal is currently a clinical professor at Tufts and Georgetown Schools of Medicine.

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What other accomplishments has Susan Blumenthal achieved?

She was the first Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women's Health and Director of the Office on Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


She established new initiatives to advance the study of sex differences and advance women’s health. Blumenthal oversaw a $4 billion budget for research, services and education, making women’s healthcare a priority for the nation, and also served as a White House Health Advisor. She was also Assistant Surgeon General of the United States, Rear Admiral, and Senior Science and E-Health Advisor in the HHS.

Blumenthal has been a leader for national health policy and spokesperson in the Administrations of four past U.S. Presidents.

What type of work does Ed Markey's wife focus on?

In her work, she has established Federal programs to help defeat the disease, including “Missiles to Mammograms,” which partnered with NASA, the CIA, and the U.S. Department of Defense “to focus missile, space and intelligence imaging technology on the improvement of early detection of breast and other cancers.” Her work was the foundation for the development of technology aimed toward a cure, including 3D imaging of tumors.


What does Susan Blumenthal do for a living?

Blumenthal is the Public Health Editor at The Huffington Post, as well as a Senior Fellow in Health Policy at New America, directing the SNAP to Health initiative that “promotes nutrition and obesity prevention in Federal Food Assistance Programs and explores ways to apply information technology to advance health.” She’s on the board of directors for several philanthropic and educational organizations, and serves as the Senior Medical Advisor for amFAR.

Susan Blumenthal has recieved honorary medals.

Since she began her work, she’s been named a top doctor by the New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, and the Medical Herald. She received the Distinguished Service Medal from the United States Public Health Service “for distinguished and pioneering leadership, groundbreaking contributions, and dedicated public service that has improved the health of women, our Nation, and the world.”

In addition, she’s received the Meritorious Service Medal, the Outstanding Service Medal, the Surgeon General's Exemplary Service Medal, and the Commendation Medal. She also has honorary degrees and doctorates from multiple universities.


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