Who Is Martin Heinrich's Wife? New Details On Julie Heinrich

They are college sweethearts.

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Since 2013, Martin Heinrich has served as a U.S. Senator from New Mexico, repping the Democratic Party. Previously, he was a U.S. Representative in the House for his state, but later replaced Jeff Bingaman in 2012 when the former Senator retired. Early in his career, Heinrich was on the Albuquerque City Council and was appointed as the state’s Natural Resources trustee by then-Governor Bill Richardson.


Like many of his Democrat colleagues in Congress, he shares the same political beliefs. He originally voted for the ACA, supports legislation for gun violence (even though he’s a former member of the NRA), and has been an outspoken voice regarding environmental issues, advocating for wind and solar power while in the City Council, and opposing the Keystone Pipeline.


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But what do we know about his family life? For a Senator who isn’t much in the spotlight but is considered controversial by some for his life’s work to improve awareness of climate change and the environment, we’re very curious about how he intends to create a brighter future for his family. So, just who is Martin Heinrich’s wife? Here are 5 details to know about Julie Heinrich.

1. They met in college.


The couple were introduced by a mutual friend and connected immediately. They shared a love for the outdoors and adventure, which is why they get along so well.

2. They’ve been married for 20 years.

After graduating college at the University of Missouri, the two got married in 1998.

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3. They moved to New Mexico after college.

Eventually, the couple settled in New Mexico, where Martin ran the Cottonwood Gulch Foundation, a nonprofit group promoting environmental education.

4. They have two children.



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The couple are parents to two sons, Carter and Micah, as well as a dog, Ella.


5. She works for a PR consulting firm.



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Currently, Julie is the Senior Vice President at Weber Shandwick, a global communications and marketing services firm. She also worked for the City of Albuquerque as a Digital Media Manager as well as the Chief Communications Officer for then-Mayor Jim Baca.

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