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Is Jim Acosta Married? New Details About 'The White House's Favorite Reporter'

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Is Jim Acosta Married? New Details About The CNN White House Correspondent

President Donald Trump isn’t exactly known for getting along with reporters, but his apparent feud with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta might be the worst.

Trump and Acosta got into it post-midterm elections on November 7, 2018, with Trump calling Acosta a “terrible person” who is “unfit for his job” after Acosta asked Trump a question about the refugee caravan making its way to the United States.

Video shows Trump becoming severely agitated throughout Acosta’s question, prompting the President to throw various insults at Acosta and CNN.

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It isn’t the first time Trump and Acosta have gotten into it, either. Trump’s volatile relationship with Acosta gave us the term “fake news,” turned Acosta into what Politico called “the chief antagonist for a network that styles itself as Trump’s chief antagonist,” also made Acosta a household name — and the apple of many a news viewer’s eye.

Which begs the question: is Jim Acosta married?

Well, ladies, it’s your lucky day, because Acosta is reportedly a single man.

According to Page Six, Acosta was married to registered nurse Sharon Mobley Stow until 2017, when they filed for divorce. The couple had three kids, two daughters and a son.

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Best Father's Day weekend ever.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:03am PDT

Despite being married for over 20 years after meeting in college, Acosta and Stow managed to keep their relationship on the down low. Stow has no public social media accounts of her own and Acosta’s pages are free of any photos of her.

According to Page Six, Acosta is currently “embracing the single life.” However, you may want to act fast, because Acosta may be alone — but he’s reportedly not lonely.

“A friend lives in his building and [has seen] him with different women,” a source divulged to Page Six. The site reported that Acosta was also “quite popular on the recent presidential trip to Saudi Arabia.”

And we’d suggest not listening to Trump’s evaluation of Acosta as a “rude, terrible person,” because another White House reporter told Politico, “he’s a guy you like to have a beer with,” according to Politico.

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