20 Inspiring Pixar Quotes From Iconic Disney Movies That Taught Us Everything We Need To Know About Life & Love

Best Inspirational Quotes About Life and love From Disney Pixar Movies

I grew up on every Disney Pixar movie ever made. I own the VHS tape to "A Bug’s Life" and still want to try the delicacy of a ratatouille dish.

Disney created an empire that has made an impact on people of all ages — young and old. It has taught us lessons on love, life and friendship through great motivational quotes uttered by some of our most beloved characters. Everything you can take away from a Disney movie, especially a good Pixar film, can be carried with you for the rest of your life.

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Disney Pixar movies showed us the meaning of family and how no one gets left behind. Because of this, Disney movie quotes have remained in our hearts even after all these years. 

When you need a pick me up, here are the most inspirational Disney quotes and Pixar quotes about life and love help lift your spirits. Now, excuse me as I binge-watch all of these and cry at the feels. 

1. Always strive for greatness.

“To infinity and beyond!”Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

2. Don't be so hard on yourself.

“Now you listen to me. I have made a career out of being a failure, and you, sir, are not a failure.”   Manny, A Bug’s Life

3. Friendship is always there for us.

“Besides, when it all ends, I’ll have old Buzz Lightyear to keep me company – for infinity and beyond.” — Woody, Toy Story 2

4. Friends matter so much in our lives.

“Nothing is more important than our friendship.”  Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc.

5. Don't give when times are tough.

“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming."  Dory, Finding Nemo

6. Live in the moment.

“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”  Edna Mode,The Incredibles

7. Whatever obstacle you're up against, you got this!

“Kid, you can beat these guys. Find a groove that works for ya, and get that lap back.”  Doc Hudson, Cars

8. No matter your background, you can achieve greatness.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”  Anton Ego, Ratatouille

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9. Life is about more than just getting by.

“I don't want to survive, I want to live!”  Captain, Wall-E

10. Seize the day!

“Adventure is out there!”  Ellie, Up

11. A sign of good character in someone.

“But the thing that makes Woody special, is he’ll never give up on you … ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”  Andy, Toy Story 3

12. Believe in yourself.

“I want you to go prove to the world what I already know… That you are the greatest race car in the whole wide world.”  Mater, Cars 2

13. We have the power choose our destiny and the direction of our lives.

“There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.”  Merida, Brave

14. Stay fearless.

“You're not scary, not even a little bit, but you are fearless!” — Sully, Monsters University

15. It's so important to always look on the bright side in life.

“Think positive!” — Joy, Inside Out

16. Conquer your fears and great things will happen.

“Sometimes you gotta get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.”  Poppa, The Good Dinosaur

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17. Keep trying in life, even when things get hard. 

“When something is too hard… There is always another way.”  Charlie, Finding Dory

18. To not even take a chance and try is the real failure.

“Don’t fear failure, fear not having the chance.”  Cruz Ramirez, Cars 3

19. Achieving our dreams requires dedication and hard work.

“No one was going to hand me my future. It was up to me to reach for my dream, grab it tight and make it come true.”  Ernesto De La Cruz, Coco

20. Stop trying to make problems worse for yourself.

“You want to get out of the hole? First you’re going to have to put down the shovel.”   Rick Dicker, The Incredibles 2

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