These Water Zodiac Signs Are The Most Relationship Compatible, Per Astrology

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Water Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Relationship Compatible, Per Astrology

What makes a person compatible with another? Is it the way that they think or how their behavior mirrors the other person's? 

In astrology, certain zodiac signs share similarities in their personality traits. They are different and unique in their own way, but because they understand each other, they are relationship compatible.

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Are you a water zodiac sign? Are you dating or friends with a fellow-water sign? 

Maybe you want to get closer to another water sign co-worker or acquaintance? Well, water signs don’t have the element of water attached to them for no reason. 

As you have probably come to learn, water signs are very empathetic and emotional. They are passionate and deep lovers of great relationships both romantic and not. As a water sign, they believe that making their loved ones happy is the ultimate skill in life. 

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This being said, many times certain types of each water sign should not be together and others should be. Water signs are deeply emotional and not driven through logic but with the heart, therefore, this can make relationships a bit tricky between two water signs.

Have you ever been in an argument where the other person was crying and you were crying and nothing got resolved? Well, this may be the case between two water signs arguing over whose family they should go see during the holidays. 

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There’s no need to have these fights often with a fellow water zodiac sign, just ensure that you both know each other well enough to learn what is a no go. Water signs can share beautiful and deeply intimate relationships with other water signs as well!

Romantic or not, both sides of this kind of relationship will develop a bond so deep that you both will be so happy with each other and fulfill each other's needs. Don’t shy away from a relationship with another water sign just because it may have some ripples in the stream.

A river keeps moving along even with little rocks along the stream, the force of the tide, or deep connection, will keep you both afloat.

This guide will help show you which water horoscope sign is more compatible with which water sign and why, per astrology.


This relationship will most likely be the best because of the intense intuition both of these zodiac signs have. Both of these signs are experts at reading into the other’s emotions. If one sign is angry or sad the other will acknowledge this shift in mood and will do everything they can to help.

There may be some arguments when it comes to cancer’s manipulative tendencies mixed with Pisces proneness to making themselves the victim. Be cautious of over sharing information outside of the romantic or non-romantic relationship.

Both tend to get insecure and fearful but at the same time be honest with each other as your empathetic side will be sure to understand the situation.

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These passionate, emotion-filled, and loyal signs mesh well together. Their desire for passion and devoted connections make this a very fun and strong relationship. Be careful, however, of the secretive and manipulative nature of both of you!

If not handled correctly this can be trouble for both of you when trying to hide both of your insecure sides from the other. The best resolution is to try and always be honest with each other to avoid the unnecessary deceiving acts to try to analyze why the other is acting in a new way.

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This relationship may have issues. Pisces absolutely cannot stand know-it-alls while Scorpios love to be right all the time. Scorpio’s distrusting nature is completely opposite to Pisces overly trusting to a fault behavior which can spell out some problems for the relationship in many ways.

An argument may easily occur between the both of you over spending too much time apart or hanging out with other friends where a Scorpio may get jealous and a Pisces just wants to be alone.

However, these horoscope signs are relationship compatible in terms of emotional connection and loyalty. This can make this relationship overcome any obstacle as long as both are working towards their passionate and intimate bond.  

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