16 Quotes Every New Mom Needs To Hear About Loving Your Postpartum Body

For every new mom who could use a little pick-me-up to remind them how inspirational they are.

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By Murphy Moroney

Whether your have a C-section or deliver your baby vaginally, recovering from birth can be a long and hard process. So you know what the very last thing new moms need to deal with is? Pressure about getting their bodies back to how they looked during the prepregnancy days.

Thankfully, more women have utilized social media to explain why they're in absolutely no rush to "bounce back" after having a baby — and frankly, we feel a little less alone.


From celebs showing off their stretch marks to moms of multiple kiddos who are simply in awe of what they've physically accomplished in giving birth, scroll through to see some seriously body-positive images and inspirational quotes that will remind you what being a mother is all about. 


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1. "I see a very strong woman who fought and conquered infertility. I also see a mom who came face to face with postpartum anxiety and depression and fought to overcome it," she explained. "I love my wounds, and I treasure the life I have been given. I am so proud of my body for all it has done, and I hope my story will reach the hearts of other women looking to see beauty in their own scars." — Desiree Fortin

2. "And while I appreciate the positive [Instagram] comments — you guys are always so good to me — I keep trying to explain that I'm just good at picking out clothes that flatter my body and hide my tummy. And I've tried to assure many of you that I haven't completely bounced back and that my body has changed — a lot! But as much as I say that, I feel like it's hard to believe unless I show you guys. I want you all to see me as I really am, and to know that I'm not perfect and I struggle with my postpartum body just like many other women out there do." — Ali Fedotowsky

3. "I remember after giving birth to Cree, my belly didn't all of a sudden go flat. I did have a C-section (as well as with my second pregnancy), and I thought something was wrong with me. I had seen in magazines the many women on the beach a few weeks postpartum in a two-piece. To be honest, it had to take time for me to embrace my new body. With this second pregnancy, I now have embraced that fact that I've housed a human being. A miracle. A life. If it takes a while for me to get back to my normal self, than so be it. This. Is. Me. And I love me." — Tia Mowry 



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4. "I am a firm believer that we need to break the mold that society has built on how moms and postpartum bodies should look . . . I stopped body shaming myself, and I truly feel comfortable in my own skin now. My body tells a story with every stretch mark. And I love that!" — Amanda

5. "Be kind to [yourself], be forgiving, and enjoy who you are today because you will look back and wish you hadn't worried about your body the way you did. Go out, have fun, don't let it hold you back. You are beautiful — flaunt it!" — Kai

6. "My body has changed shapes throughout the years, and yet again through pregnancy and my two years postpartum. I've never been overly self-conscious with my physical shape — it's been more of me feeling my body has failed me which causes the most anguish. From my ruptured appendix to scar adhesion pain to 36-hour labor turned emergency C-section, and now still dealing with scar adhesion pain, I have many low days hating and blaming my body for failing me. I'm still working on trusting my body." — Zoe


7. "Today my confidence is the highest it has ever been. This has not happened overnight or easily. The first time I got pregnant, I felt ugly, fat, unsexy, and unlovable. I hated what was happening to my body and the lack of control I had over it. I put so much importance on the climbing number that the scale showed each week. After I gave birth, I put so much pressure and expectation on my body to 'bounce back' with a matter of weeks . . . When my second was born, he was two months early. I forgot about my insecurities and internal dilemmas and focus every ounce of energy into helping him grow." — Kat 

8. "Growing up, I always struggled with body image. Then, in my early adulthood, I was always just trying to get back to the body I had three . . . five . . . nine years ago. When I was pregnant, I truly and utterly started to love my body. What it was growing inside made me realize how beautiful it was on the outside." — Jessica

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9. "Several months ago, I was given an opportunity from the TV show The Doctors to have a noninvasive tummy tuck. They called me 'the perfect candidate.' To be honest, I have never once considered a tummy tuck, not because I don't support them, but because I do my best to love my body for what is now. I declined the offer twice and had to follow my heart." — Desiree Fortin



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10. "Instagram is crazy. I think it's awesome people have killer bodies and are proud to show them off (I really do!), but I know how hard it can be to forget what (for lack of a better word) regular ol' bodies look like when everyone looks bonkers amazing." — Chrissy Teigen 

11. This fit mama said "enough" and decided she "will no longer be embarrassed by [her] loose skin" because she "can't compare your snap back to [her] snap back." — Brittanie 



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12. "I felt like I should share where I'm at postbaby. It sure is incredible what the body can do and I'm so grateful! I know I say this after each baby, but remember what our bodies just went through for nine months and be proud; don't stress over post baby body, just enjoy your new baby because these are beautiful moments and memories you will cherish forever." — Jessie James Decker



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13. "Because I'm not embarrassed by the scars my body now carries. Because I'm proud of what my body has done for me. Because many women feel the need to hide it. Because famous women post 'look at my body just three weeks postpartum' and portray unrealistic images of what it means to be a mother. Because I feel beautiful in my own skin — even if there's a lotttt of it! Because beauty takes many forms. Because I can. Because you should also be proud. This is me . . . because I love my body." — Eliza Curby 



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14. "Life can't get anymore perfect than this. This was happening and I intended to take this picture to somehow explain myself and explain why this is beautiful. But no, this is plain perfect, no need to explain why." — Daniela Guerrero

15. "After each of my pregnancies, I have looked at my body and wondered where the hell my 'perfect body' went, and when did my stomach become, according to my oldest daughter, 'old looking?' But then I look at the baby fussing in her little bouncer and her rambunctious 3-year-old sister tending to her by putting her binky in her mouth, and I realize my body went to my children." — Nichole LaBreche Frank 



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16. "Not all women's bellies get jacked like mine and it does make me sad (yes, my tummy gets a lot of looks). But it is what it is. I can be embarrassed and have a messed-up tummy or accept it and have a messed-up tummy. There are hundreds and hundreds of women who would give up their perfect stomachs in return to have what I have, without thinking twice about it. So I won't think twice about it either." — Jessica



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Murphy Moroney is the Assistant Editor for PopSugar Moms