Who Is Bob Corker's Wife? New Details On Elizabeth Corker

They are multi-millionaires.

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Bob Corker has served as U.S. Senator from Tennessee since 2007. Before this, he was the Mayor of Chattanooga and ran in the 1994 Senate election, but lost to his opponent. In late 2017, he announced he wouldn’t seek re-election this year, but in his time serving, he’s expressed moderate Republican views.

He’s openly criticized the President, especially with his family separation policy with immigrant families and how he’s handled North Korea. Being in the spotlight, especially at a time when bombs are being sent to Trump opposition, is incredibly scary.


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But how does his family deal with it? Just who is Bob Corker’s wife? Here are 6 things to know about Elizabeth Corker.

1. They met on a blind date.

According to Corker, “She was doing interior decorating for a friend of mine in Knoxville. And, he called, and we were all going to go do something on a particular Thursday night and get dates to do it. And so I kept calling her and she kept saying, ‘Weeeellll, I don’t know, I don’t know.’ And finally, she said, ‘Look, I just don’t have time.’ And so, I paused and said, ‘Well look, we know if I have time, you have time.’ I mean, during those days I was staying up the entire night to, you know, get memos out, look at financials. I knew she was busy, but she couldn’t be that busy! So, yeah, I think that there was pause on her end for sure.”


2. They’ve been married for over 30 years.

After meeting on the blind date, the two struck up a romantic relationship and got married in January 1987.

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3. They have two children.

The couple has two daughters, Julia and Emily. Emily worked in New York as the head of product development for Feed Projects, and Julia works in Nashville selling real estate. In 2009, Julia was carjacked in Washington, D.C. and was forced out of her vehicle, though she had no injuries. Two people were later arrested for the carjacking.


4. They live in a mansion.

Though they own multiple homes, the family’s permanent residence is in Chattanooga at the Anne Haven Mansion, which was built by Anne Lupton and Frank Harrison, Coca-Cola Bottling Company heirs. The home is worth an estimated $8.9 million

5. They are quite wealthy.

In fact, the couple holds over $50 million in assets, some of which are held by Elizabeth. This would make him one of the wealthiest members of Congress.


6. Her husband is thankful to have her.

When announcing his plans to retire after serving his term, Corker thanked his wife for allowing him to serve for so long:

“After much thought, consideration and family discussion over the past year, Elizabeth and I have decided that I will leave the United States Senate when my term expires at the end of 2018... I want to thank my wife, Elizabeth, and our family, who have made many sacrifices in allowing me to serve. Nothing I have done would have been possible without their love and support.”


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