How Did Oli Herbert Die? New Details On The Tragic Death Of The 'All That Remains' Guitarist

He was only 44.

How Did Oli Herbert Die? New Details On The Tragic Death Of The 'All That Remains' Guitarist getty

Oli Herbert, the 44-year-old guitarist of the heavy metal band All That Remains has died. This tragic news comes just after his band finished recording a new album. Promo posts for the upcoming album have been all over social media lately. There aren't a ton of details available about his death yet, however, his bandmates confirmed his death on social media. How did Oli Herbert die?

1. Statement from the band

The official All That Remains Instagram account confirmed Herbert's death and posted the following tribute: "We were devastated to learn that Oli Herbert, our friend, guitar player, and founding member of All That Remains, has passed away. Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and song writer who defined Rock and Metal from the Northeast. His impact on the genres and our lives will continue indefinitely. No further details are available at this time. The band and family request that you please respect their privacy and remember Oli by celebrating the great music he made."


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2. Founding member

Oli co-founded the metal band All That Remains in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1998 with Phil Labonte. He has played guitar on all of the band's nine albums. He will be featured on the upcoming album Victim of the New Disease. The album is set to be released on November 9th.



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3. Statement from wife

Oli's widow Beth took to Herbert's Facebook fan page to let fans know that there would be no information about his death until that had a clearer picture of what happened. She wrote: "Hello everyone this is Beth, Oli’s widow,' she wrote. 'Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words. I don’t want to go into what happened until we have a complete picture but as soon as we do there will be a statement from the family on this page. In the meantime, please respect our privacy as there are still relatives being informed of Oli’s passing. Thank you." Hundreds of fans posted messages of condolences on the fan page. 

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4. Smart and talented

Herbert was not just talented; he was also smart. He had an associate's degree in Classical and Jazz Guitar and a bachelor's degree in Music Composition. 



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5. He started at 14.

Herbert started playing guitar at 14. He scored his first paid gig during his high school's Battle of the Bands on the last day of his senior year. His band won $25 for coming in third place. 


6. He was reported missing

Oli was found dead in a pond near his home in Connecticut. Police were dispatched to Herbert's Stafford Springs, Connecticut home on Tuesday afternoon after someone reported him missing. The area was searched and his body was found in a nearby pond. Police said the death does not appear to be suspicious. An autopsy will be done to confirm the cause and manner of his death. 


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