40 Most Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes & DIY Cat Costumes

Find the purrrfect costume for your pet.

dog halloween costumes for cats

Halloween may be a day for all things spooky and scary, but there are at least two things about this holiday that are absolutely adorable: kids costumes and pet costumes.

For many people, our pets are our fur babies, so it's understandable we'd want to get them in on the Halloween fun as well.

When it comes to pet outfits, reactions are mixed. For some of us, the idea of dressing up an animal like it's a doll makes us want to roll our eyes. For others, there's an ensemble for every day of the week. The great part about Halloween? It's a free for all when it comes to pets and dressing up. It's a holiday all about wearing fun costumes, so it's totally cool to put your dog or cat in a costume. 


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Go for it! And yeah, you have to admit, it's just so cute. 

Earlier this year, I got to see my friend's dog try on his Halloween costume and I'm still recovering from how adorable he looked. It's part of the fun of the season.


Another thing to consider when looking at Halloween costumes for your dog or cat is to make the costume specific to your pet. Perhaps you have a black cat. Why not try a little witch costume? Or if you have a golden retriever or yellow lab, dress your dog up in a basketball jersey like Buddy in the kids' film Air Bud.

There's plenty of ways to be creative with your pets for Halloween.



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Now, getting a dog or cat to actually keep their Halloween costume on is a whole other story - so that's definitely something to consider when browsing for ideas. In the meantime though, have fun checking out these 40 adorable and fun costumes for your dog or cat to wear this Halloween. 

1. Prison inmate and K-9 cop dog Halloween costume.


So cute.

2. Gnome dog Halloween costume. 

Oh my goodness!

3. Cat in the Hat Halloween costume.


Literally a cat...in a hat. Perfect idea!

4. Scooby doo dog Halloween costume.

That is awesome.

5. Grandma dog Halloween costume with Little Red Riding Hood.


Fun option.

6. Mario and Luigi matching dog Halloween costumes.

Dynamic duo.

7. Lion dog Halloween costume.


Hakuna matata.

8. Harry Potter dog Halloween costume.

Team Gryffindor. 

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9. Beauty and the Beast dog Halloween costume.



10. Martini dog Halloween costume.

Creative way to use that cone.

11. French(ie) Fries dog Halloween costume.


Totally fitting.

12. Peacock cat Halloween costume.

Showing off.

13. Security guards dog Halloween costumes.


Now it's official.

14. Cupcake dog Halloween costume.

Sweetest little cupcake ever.

15. Corn dog Halloween costume.


Nice play on words.

16. Mystery Machine pup Halloween costume.

Scooby is too obvious anyway.

17. Sushi dog Halloween costume.


Salmon pup roll.

18. Horse and jockey dog Halloween costume.

Giddy up!

19. Loofa and soap dog Halloween costume.


Squeaky clean.

20. Party crasher dog Halloween costume.

Too funny.

21. Hot dog Halloween costume.


Perfect idea.

22. Nasa rocket dog Halloween costume.

Up, up, and away!

23. Beanie baby dog Halloween costume.



24. Mummy dog Halloween costume.

Who's a good mummy?!

25. Pumpkin cat Halloween costume.


Your cat will be cozy and warm.

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26. Foot stool dog Halloween costume from Beauty and the Beast.

Great idea.

27. Chia pet Halloween costume.


Already a pet anyway.

28. The Headless Horseman dog Halloween costume and his horse.

On their way to Sleepy Hollow.

29. Princess Leia and an Ewok dog Halloween costume.


Love this costume pairing.

30. House and balloons from the film UP.

Just don't fly away.


31. Princess dog Halloween costume.

So sweet.

32. UPS worker dog Halloween costume.


Special delivery.

33. Luau outfit cat Halloween costume. 

Ready for the party.

34. Girl scout dog Halloween costume.


Cookies not included.

35. Dorothy and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Off to see the Wizard.

36. Tarantula spider dog Halloween costume.


Perfect for a Halloween prank.

37. IT movie characters.

This is pretty epic.

38. Robin Hood dog Halloween costume.


Stealing doggie treats from the rich.

39. Wonder Woman dog Halloween costume.

How cute is this?!

40. Hershey Kiss dog Halloween costume.


This cute dog will get all the kisses!

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