What Causes Butt Acne? And 5 Ways To Get Rid Of It

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how to get rid of butt acne

When I was a teenager, I viewed my acne as the worst thing that could possibly happen to a person. Now I'm in my 30s and I want to look back at little Becca and laugh at her naivete. Not only are there much worse things that can and do happen every single day, but butt acne is also a thing, and woe betide those of us who it suddenly decides to plague. 

What causes butt acne? It's usually harder to treat than acne on your face, and not just because your butt is usually in pants being sat upon all day either. It's hard to treat because... it's not even really acne in the first place.

By and large, when you catch your butt serving up red bumps and blemishes, they are not pimples, but folliculitis, a mild infection that can lead to inflamed pores. To make matters worse, it is usually caused by chafing and sweat, which means there isn't a whole lot that you can do to PREVENT butt acne from striking.

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Luckily, while you can't go around pantless all day long, there are methods for how to get rid of butt acne. Don't be embarrassed for trying to find a solution. The skin on your butt may not be your face, but that doesn't mean that how it looks and feels to you isn't important.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the top ways to get rid of your butt acne and get a behind so stunning even Sir Mixalot would be compelled to take a knee in its presence. 

1. Invest in benzoyl peroxide.

Magic isn't sold in cans (because magic isn't real, sorry y'all), but if it was, this stuff would be it. Benzoyl peroxide cleaners are really helpful in clearing up acne AND folliculitis because the stuff is very antimicrobial. 

But don't just lather up your cheeks, rinse, and call it a day — take your time! While soaping up, sing a couple of verses of your favorite song so that you're making sure to maximize the amount of time you're spending exposing your problem area to the product itself. 

2. Try salicylic acid.

Sure, now that benzoyl peroxide is in the mix, people don't talk about this acid so much, but it still has a myriad of uses and your butt acne is one of 'em. 

The great thing about this stuff is that it chemically sloughs away dead skin cells and oil. When those two are still present, they are just begging to get clogged and start a lame infection. After your Peroxide shower and singing, whip out this stuff. 

3. Shower after workouts.

Like, right after. You're already treating your body right by making sure that you get a decent amount of exercise, now keep up that good treatment and wash yourself! 

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When you workout, you sweat, and if you aren't stripping out of your workout clothes and showering yourself clean you're literally marinating in sweat, dirt, and oil, which is a perfect combination... if you actually want to GET butt acne. 

4. Stop everything and exfoliate.

What do we hate? Dead skin. Why? Because it's giving us butt acne! Human beings have a lot of skin, and we grow more every single day. Just 10 hours in the same pair of underwear AND pants leaves your dead skin cells with nowhere to go... except back down into your pores. 

Gently exfoliating, be it with a sponge, a scrubber, or a scrub itself, is a great way to make sure your pores and your booty skin stay in working order. 

5. Moisturize with alpha hydroxy.

But doesn't adding moisture cause your pores to clog? Not if you're doing it right, my friends, not if you're doing it right. Not only does keeping your butt moisturized mean it's going to be nice and healthy, it means that your skin is less likely to peel and fall away, which is something we all want. 

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