What He Wishes You Wouldn't Do, Per Astrology

Get guidance from the stars on what your SO wishes you'd do differently!

What He Wishes You'd Stop Doing, By His Zodiac Sign pexels

Every personality is different and depending on your zodiac sign, you may need certain things to feel happy in a relationship.

We all have our pet peeves, especially in our relationships. But we all also have our own bad behaviors and annoying tendencies that rub others the wrong way.


Profiles of astrological signs point out both what we can’t stand and what others can’t stand about us.

This goes beyond snoring or forgetting to put the toilet seat down. What’s far more important is the “how” of our communication styles, and the “why” of our behaviors.



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Some horoscopes, are happiest when they have freedom to think. Notably air signs such as Aquarius, need room to breathe.

It’s easy to make them feel smothered, even unintentionally. Earth horoscopes value stability and consistency, and feel unsteady when abrupt changes or surprises disrupt their routines.

Fire Sun signs on the other hand, need dynamism and excitement. Getting bogged down with planning and details ruins the adventure for them.


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In astrology, water signs are creatives and feel the flow of the world around them intuitively, and cannot be expected to stifle their intense emotions. Whether or not he’s told you what it is, your significant other has one thing he wants you to just stop doing (or do differently).

If you’re looking for clues, check out our guide below. We’ll tell you what might be bothering him and why, and even some tips for the future. While you’re at it, see how we did for what you wish he would stop doing by your zodiac sign




Practicality and a grounded nature characterize the Capricorn. People born under this horoscope sign care deeply about tradition and preserving it in the long term.

In the short term they care about making sensible decisions and planning.

That’s why when you spring surprises on your significant other they’re not pleased. Capricorns are Earth signs who don’t like having their feet leave the ground, even for a moment.


If you were thinking about even arranging a surprise birthday party, your partner would really prefer you thought of a different way to show your love.


People born under this sign value their freedom and independence above all else, except perhaps their humanitarian ideals. 


Aquarians need time apart not just from partners, but also friends and coworkers because they require more time to themselves than other signs to recharge their batteries.

Because of this, clinginess is a surefire way to send any Aquarius running in the opposite direction. If you insist on being together all day every day or blow up his phone non-stop your relationship will undoubtedly end.

Try to focus on the quality, not the quantity of time you’re spending together and give him time to be with friends or alone. By doing so you’ll ensure your Aquarius SO feels respected and understood.




Sensitive Pisces are able to understand the world and those around them intuitively—emotionally. The downside is that because they feel everything so acutely, they can be reactive. Criticizing your Pisces significant other will lead to arguments you would never guess anyone had.

Try to approach critiques like suggestions and focus on very specific behaviors or speech. In this case, the less you leave to imagination the better off you both will be.

Finally, try not to offer too many criticisms at one time. If you overwhelm a Pisces you’ll find yourself alone at the table faster than you can say you’re sorry.




This fire sign is always pursuing novelty and excitement. Aries are on the move every minute, heading from the gym to the first showing of the hottest new movie, followed by a stop at the bar for a band they’ve never heard before.

Trying to get Aries into a routine is like trying to shove a square peg through a round hole. If you need routine for your health and happiness, establish that independent of your partner and simply welcome them to participate in the parts that suit them.

You two can even meet in the middle by creating a “working hours” routine but then making dates and outings spontaneous.

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The strong and confident Taurus is ready and willing to take on challenges and remove obstacles whenever they need to. Taurus have a hard time relating to insecurity because of that inherent faith in themselves and so aren’t particularly adept at handling insecurity in others.

While your significant other would never want you to hide your feelings or be discouraged from expressing them, remember to cope with your emotions via multiple avenues so that you’re not solely relying on your partner.


This way you’ll get a more diverse array of advice and insight, and your significant other won’t feel bombarded by emotions they aren’t skilled to guide you through.


People born under the twin sign are naturally gregarious. Gemini tend to become restless and agitated without company, whether a romantic partner or friends. For this reason, trying to limit a Gemini’s social circle is a horrible idea.


Maybe some of your boyfriend’s friends are annoying, but is it really worth the hurt he’ll feel if you refuse to be around them? Are his friends disrespectful, unreasonable, or genuinely terrible people?

Or, are your boyfriend’s friends just different from you? Ask yourself these questions and answer them seriously before hurting your relationship and the person you love over matters of taste.




Because of their emotional and loyal nature, Cancers are among the more private of the zodiac signs. To keep your significant other happy and feeling valued, you need to practice self-discipline and discretion: don’t spread their business or throw it back in their face.

Did he recently get into a car accident? Keep it on a need to know basis rather than telling everyone, even if your motivation is gratitude for it having been okay. Is his mother too overbearing? Stay. Out. Of. It. Be discerning about when intervention is required and you two will have a healthier relationship. 




Charm and wit make Leos virtually irresistible, and on a throne is right where Leos love to be. It makes sense then that Leos would despise the silent treatment. It cuts them particularly deeply when they’re ignored, whether for five minutes, five hours, or five days.

In short, not replying to your boyfriend’s texts out of spite, not answering the phone because you’re on a petty streak, or not speaking to him when you live together is torture to him.

If you need him to do something to help you in turn communicate, tell him! Even fights shouldn't be about getting at the other person but simply seeking a resolution.

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Your Virgo significant other is likely very detail-oriented, a neat freak, and appreciates order. It should come as no surprise then that your partner wants this from you: stop making him have to clean up your mess, literally or figuratively.

If your boyfriend has to follow behind you with a dustpan or explain your behavior after you’ve just caused a scene that can’t and won’t last forever. Be just a little bit more disciplined and you’ll find your relationship improves drastically!



Libras value fairness above all else, and if your significant other is a Libra they undoubtedly try to divide labor equally with you, including the responsibility of choosing where to go for dinner, when to meet each other’s parents, and where you’d like to live one day.

Everyone has their weaknesses though and for Libras making decisions is a big one. Putting your significant other on the spot when you know it makes them uncomfortable really isn’t fair, and I’m here to tell you that on behalf of your boyfriend. Let your Libra lover take on more responsibility in another arena and be willing to call the shots more often. 



If there’s one thing no Scorpio can abide, it’s dishonesty. Even those little white lies most people consider harmless will cause the already suspicious Scorpio to blow a gasket. When you’re with a Scorpio remember this: when in doubt, spill it out. 

Did your ex just text you? Tell your Scorpio significant other so they don’t find out during a snooping session and draw the worst conclusions. Did your partner just ask your opinion on a touchy subject?


Just be truthful and get it out of the way. Scorpios have a way of finding out the truth, usually by playing detective… or even interrogator. 

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If you’ve ever met a Sagittarius you know that they’re willing to do what they have to in order to accomplish their goals. When it comes to their relationships they’re incredibly generous and their goal is to please their partners however they can.


That’s why it’s so infuriating to the Sagittarius when they’re criticized but aren’t told how they could improve. If you find yourself telling your Sagittarius beau that he’s not living up to your expectations, make sure that you include realistic steps he can take to improve and communicate what you personally would appreciate from him in the future. 


Danielle Martin-Jensen is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.