11 Real Ways You Can Show Unconditional Love Every Day

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11 Real Ways You Can Show Unconditional Love Every Day

What is unconditional love? It's a beautiful theory in relationships that means you love someone without any conditions. Meaning, you love someone for exactly who they are, even when they fall short of your expectations. It's loving for the sake of loving, without expecting anything in return. 

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Sure, it sounds nice, but how can you put unconditional love into action? Here are a few ways to show your love unconditionally every single day, and in every relationship in your life. 

1. Contact a friend and let them know why you appreciate them.

Make them feel special for a moment.

2. Show unconditional love to the planet.

Be mindful of recycling, saving water, and whatever else you can do to help the environment.

3. Practice patience today.

Instead of feeling the need to be negative towards someone who is annoying you or making you mad, try to be positive and step into their shoes.

4. Tell someone the truth that they need to hear.

Sometimes unconditional love looks like being open with people instead of holding the truth inside.

5. Write a thoughtful letter to someone who has impacted your life in a huge way.

It could be a coach, a teacher, a family member. Make it from the heart.

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6. Go out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you would not normally talk to.

You never know what brief lesson they could teach you or you could teach them.

7. Show some love to your pets today.

Take them on an extra long walk or buy them a new toy. If you do not have any pets, show love to another soul that you care about.

8. Let something go.

It is your call on what that “something” is. It could be something that your friend or significant other is doing. Do not trap them with your negative energy towards that. Accept what you feel needs to be accepted and move on.

9. Go out of your way to serve someone you care about.

It could be making them a nice dinner or taking them somewhere cool.

10. Find a local place to volunteer and make an appointment to volunteer.

Volunteering can be very rewarding and is so important to the people that you are helping.

11. Do something extra special for your family or kids today.

It could be anything that comes to mind.

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