Who Is Collin Daniel Richards? New Details About The Man Who Murdered Celia Barquin Arozamena

The golfer from Iowa State University was found dead this week. What do we know about her killer?

Who Is Collin Daniel Richards?

Celia Barquin Arozamena was tragically murdered at in Iowa this week. The engineering student and champion golfer was found dead at Coldwater Links public golf course after two other golfers found her hat and cell phone abandoned on the course. Police found her body after a short search. She had been stabbed to death and the case was treated as suspicious immediately. 

Arozamena was the Iowa State female athlete of the year and had recently gone pro after finishing her college athletic career. She was from Reocín, Spain. University President Wendy Wintersteen said of her, "Celia was a dedicated student in civil engineering. She was a talented student athlete and an acclaimed golfer with a bright future." 


Within hours, police announced that they had arrested Collin Daniel Richards, a  22-year-old man, who was living in a homeless encampment nearby. Who is Collin Daniel Richards and what do you need to know about him? Read on to find out.

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1. Homeless

Richards had no known address at the time of the slaying. Police said he had been kicked out of his grandparents house about a year ago. No reason was given for the removal. He had been living in a homeless camp near the golf course, which is where police found him.


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2. History

Without going into detail, Ames, IA police Commander Geoff Huff said that Richards had had "encounters" with police in the past

3. No motive

Huff went on to tell reporters there was no solid motive for the crime. Police said that Richards had not been acquainted with Ms. Arozamena. They were unsure if he had been watching her before attacking her. She had been golfing alone on Monday morning before Collins killed her and it's possible he had been observing her from a distance that day. 

4. Plenty of evidence

Richards was found with the help of police dogs. They tracked him to the camp, where witnesses say he had returned covered with blood and sand. He also bore scratches on his face and hands consistent with a fight. Finally, policy found a pair of bloody shorts and a knife in his backpack.


5. Incriminating statements

One damning fact that has been revealed is that, prior to the crime,  Collins said words "to the effect of having an urge to rape and kill a woman." This was relayed to police by an acquaintance of Collins'.

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6. No bail

The judge in the case called the case a "random act of violence" and said that Collins is a threat to the community and a flight risk. Bail was set at $5 million. He will return to court on September 28 for a preliminary hearing.

Our hearts go out to Ms. Arozamena's friends and family at this time.

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