Are Iggy Azalea And Playboi Carti Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Relationship And Pregnancy

He's Blac Chyna's ex.

Are Iggy Azalea And Playboi Carti Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Relationship And Pregnancy Instagram

Are Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti dating? If so, they sure are a couple that likes to keep fans guessing! The rapper is none other than Blac Chyna's ex-boyfriend.

They were first spotted stepping out together in September 2018. Azalea and Playboi were seen on a dinner date at Beverly Hills' Mastro's Steakhouse on September 13th, 2018. According to observers, the couple looked happy and comfortable together.


Azalea drove her Rolls Royce to the dinner date. Playboi sat in the passenger seat and handed two long-stemmed pink roses to Iggy. Onlookers reported that the two rappers had big smiles on their faces. 

However, Azalea and Carti obviously like to keep fans guessing about their true relationship status as they aren't seen together too often, causing many to question whether or not they were really a couple. Thankfully, the rumors seemed to be officially confirmed this summer when Carti appeared on the summer 2019 issue of The Fadar.

Carti's cover story noted Azalea as his girlfriend and even mentioned that the two musicians live together.


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So who is Playboi Carti? Let's find out some more about Iggy Azalea's boyfriend, and the rumors that she may be pregnant with his child.

1. Who is Playboi Carti?

Playboi Carti is regarded as one of hip hop's rising stars. His album, Die Lit, was critically acclaimed and produced a hit single called "Poke It Out" with Nicki Minaj.


He was born Jordan Terrell in Columbia, Mississippi in 1996. He grew up in Riverdale, Georgia and attended North Springs Charter High School. He regularly skipped classes to work on his music or go to his job at H&M. Carti released his eponymous debut mixtape in April 2017.

2. Carti was arrested for domestic abuse in 2017.

In the summer of 2017, Playboi Carti was arrested at LAX when he got in a very heated fight with his then girlfriend. The rapper was arrested for domestic battery but was never charged with the offense.

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3. Azalea and Carti both have some high-profile former loves.

Both Azalea and Playboi have dated some other high-profile partners. The rumor mill had Iggy dating NBA player Jimmy Butler while Carti was linked to Blac Chyna last year.


She was also engaged to NBA player Nick Young for 15 months but they split after cheating rumors surfaced. Azalea was also briefly linked to NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. But then, just hours after confirming that relationship she tweeted, "I'm single," with a shrug emoji. The post has since been deleted.

Later, she expanded on that tweet, writing, "I have come to the conclusion I am going to be alone forever. I am completely fine with that. I have a routine now. I watch movies alone in the shower n s***... its nice."

4. Rumors of the pair being a couple became more intense after they were spotted together in 2018.

After their initial outing in 2018, Azalea and Carti were spotted doing other "couple" things together, like riding an elevator at a mall while engaging in PDA and going with a group of friends to Six Flags. They were also seen boarding a private jet together.


5. Carti isn't the only ex of Blac Chyna that Azalea has dated.

Playboi isn't the first ex of Blac Chyna that Azalea has dated or been involved with. Azalea also allegedly dated Chyna's baby daddy (and Kylie Jenner's ex) Tyga, and Blac Chyna is having none of that.

Reportedly, the rapper thinks it's sad that Iggy keeps hanging out with her exes. Of course, Blac Chyna is no big fan of the Aussie rapper, calling her phony and fake. For what it's worth, Iggy denied having a romance with Tyga. The two collaborated on a song and Iggy insists that, although they have a good time together, their relationship is strictly platonic. 

6. Carti confirmed their relationship in summer 2019.



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When he appeared on the cover of The Fader in 2019, the rapper confirmed his relationship with Azalea. Carti commented on Azalea, saying, “Once I started talking to her, I just cut off everybody. It was over with.”


It was also revealed that Azalea and Carti moved into their Atlanta home together in December 2018.

7. Is Azalea pregnant with Carti's baby?

Recently, the couple have been one of the latest targets of pregnancy rumors. Rumors implied that Azalea was possibly six months pregnant with her and Carti's baby. However, the rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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