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Are Jon And Rachel From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Still Together?

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Are Jon and Rachel From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Still Together?

Are Jon and Rachel From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Still Together? This summer, TLC’s 90 Fiancé: Before The 90 Days has introduced audiences to American Rachel and British Jon. The pair has been involved for several years but only just met in person during the show. Despite the long distance, the two both say they’re completely in love and completely committed to a future together.

The issue is, both of them have a LOT of baggage in tow. From family ties to past bad acts, this couple have a lot to navigate before they can get engaged.

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Are they still together today? Read on to find out.

1. Rachel

Rachel is a single mother from Arizona. She was getting over her divorce from her daughter’s father and decided to start using karaoke apps to have a little musical fun, including recording half a duet so that another person could record the second part. Because any app can apparently become a dating app, she found herself making music with Jon and soon the relationship grew from music to romance.


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2. Jon

Jon lives in England, where he works as a rubbish sitter and lives with his mother to save money. In addition to singing karaoke, he apparently has a history of womanizing and some questionable activities from his college years. Despite all of this, he doesn’t hesitate in his commitment to Rachel.


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3. Surprise

When Rachel and Jon were first in touch, Rachel was still playing the field at home. One of her IRL relationships resulted in a pregnancy. She and the bio-dad broke things off and she found her attention returning to Jon. She told him about the upcoming addition to her family and he took it in stride, doing his best to be supportive from afar.


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4. Blocked

Jon’s commitment to Rachel and the new baby hit a roadblock when he tried to come to the US to be there for the birth. Rachel reluctantly tells friends that he wasn’t allowed to enter the US because he has a criminal record; he was arrested for fighting in his younger days.


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5. Long-Distance Dad

Despite not being around to the baby’s birth, Jon pays for daycare and diapers, making Rachel’s life as a technically-single-mom much easier. This keeps Rachel convinced that they’re a family in the making, no matter what the US Department of State says about it.

6. Last First Kiss

Rachel visit Jon in England where they joyfully share what they call their last first kiss. The two of them have no trouble connecting but Jon is a little less surefooted with the baby. As his mother, sister, and friends point out, he has no experience caring for children and it shows in how uncertain he is with the baby.

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7. Secrets

While Rachel was upfront with Jon about her past and future, including during her pregnancy, she was still a little foggy on some of the details of his past. When she questioned him about his arrest record, he had to confess to multiple arrests for assault, all of which stemmed from fights he got in. One even resulted in an injury to another man and Jon was convicted and expelled from school for it. He swears that he would never hurt Rachel or her kids and she agrees to trust him in the future.


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8. Spoiler

The season of 90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is still ongoing so there hasn’t been a made-for-TV happy ending yet. But internet gossip has turned up all kinds of details about Jon and Rachel — including that they got married in June. The couple has marriage certificates from both Cornwall and Arizona. 

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