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New Details About Jon Walters' Criminal Record From 90-Day Fiancé

New Details About Jon Walters' Criminal Record From 90-Day Fiancé

This season on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, audiences have met Rachel and Jon. The couple has been carrying on a long-distance relationship for close to two years, she from Arizona, he from England. While this might seem like a fairly uncomplicated international affair — no language barriers, at least — the couple’s path to true love has been anything but simple.

Rachel started the relationship as a divorced mom of one daughter but was soon a mom-to-be of a second child fathered by a man she was dating in Arizona. Jon was willing to be part of this unorthodox family structure but he wasn’t able to get a visa to travel to the US because of some shady elements in his own history.

What is going on with Jon and does he have a criminal record? Read on to find out details about Jon Walters' criminal record from 90-Day Fiancé.

1. Love song

Rachel and Jon met over a karaoke app. Rachel explained that the app allowed them to sign long distance duets and she first saw Jon when he joined her for a song. They struck up a flirtation that way and, despite the distance, fell in love.


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2. Baby, baby

Even though Rachel had strong feelings for Jon, she was still dating locally. She had been involved with a man in Arizona and realized that she was expecting a baby with him. That relationship didn’t work out but Jon stepped in as a long-distance step dad, participating in the birth by phone. He had wanted to come in person but was unable to get a visa due to his criminal record.

3. Criminal past

Rachel explained to friends that Jon had a history of fighting and had been arrested for getting into fights when he was at university. Nearly everyone is Rachel’s life cautioned her to be careful, warning her that a man with a violent past might also have a tendency toward domestic violence.

4. Meet the parents

Rachel arrived in England with her baby and immediately begins meeting Jon’s family and friends. It’s a relief to audiences that no one seems to be pulling Rachel aside to warn her that Jon is typically a violent hothead and she should be wary. Everyone seems much more concerned with the prospect of Jon trying to care for a baby, given that he’s never been around children before.

5. Bro code

Rachel finally asks his friends about his history of fighting and they admit that he’s thrown a lot of punches in his past. They’re quick to note that he never actually starts the fights, but he doesn’t stop them either.

6. Confession

After the lads tell Rachel that Jon is a habitual fighter, she decides to ask him for all the details about his record of violence and his arrests. He explains that fighting was common place where he grew up and he was never one to walk away when someone antagonized him. He admitted that he’s been in 50-60 fights, he’s been arrested multiple times on assault charges, and the most serious case was when he injured another person’s eye in a fight.

7. New start

Jon concludes the litany of his misdeeds by telling Rachel that he only was so willing to fight before because he had nothing to lose. Now, he says, he has something important and he won’t make those mistakes again. He asks her to trust him and she agrees.

8. What’s next?

Internet sleuths have already dug up a lot of dishy spoilers about this couple so we know there’s a lot more to come with these two. To find out how they finish the season, keep watching Before The 90 Days.

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