Who Is Jack Antonoff's Girlfriend? New Details On Carlotta Kohl

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who is Jack Antonoff's girlfriend?

Jack Antonoff is one-third of the indie rock band Fun and headliner of indie pop band The Bleachers, but he’s also a talented producer in addition to musician. He’s won three Grammy Awards for his work with Fun., as well as his involvement in producing Taylor Swift’s album “1989.” But a man this brilliant has to have some kind of personal life, right?

If you remember, Antonoff dated actress Lena Dunham from 2012 to 2017, and their separation was “amicable.” Since then, the two have remained friends. But it seems he has a new lady in his life. Who is Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend? Here are 7 things you need to know about Carlotta Kohl.

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1. She doesn’t like Antonoff and Dunham’s relationship.


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Yes, it’s perfectly fine to remain friends with an ex, but Kohl doesn’t seem too pleased about the relationship he and Dunham have. According to a source, Dunham has been extremely clingy: “She calls Jack at least five times a day, all in the name of ‘friendship.’  And she always talks to him right before she goes to bed. It’s so weird!” It seems that Dunham wants to get back together and even posted a “potential baby name list” she and her ex made together.

As if that isn’t enough to make a potential partner cringe, she continues to overshare on social media: “Lena has been acting very erratic and clingy lately, so Jack is treading with caution when it comes to getting back together. All of her oversharing online is rubbing him the wrong way. If she wants this to work, she needs to take a step back.”

That’s exactly why Kohl refuses to become serious with him until he gets rid of Dunham for good. And can anyone really blame her?

2. She and Dunham come from artistic families.

Kohl is the daughter of a model and a photographer, while Dunham is the daughter of painter Carroll Dunham and photographer and filmmaker Laurie Simmons.

When asked about a future in fashion, Kohl commented, “My parents were in the industry for a long time. I grew up seeing two different sides of the industry and how they came together to create something powerful. I got to see how both my parents brought their unique sensibilities to a photograph. Being so close to that world definitely shaped my interests subconsciously...I didn't necessarily think I would end up in fashion, but it's been cool to bring my aesthetic and ethos to fashion shoots.”

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3. She’s a model and photographer.


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Talk about following in your parents’ footsteps! In an interview with Paper Magazine, Kohl talked about her career as both. “When people ask me what I do, I say I'm an artist. That's always what I identify as. Modeling is a job. It's what I do to pay my bills and support my art. There are times when the two are able to blend and that's been exciting. I'm lucky to be working at a time where it's encouraged and almost expected to do other things,” she said.

Her photography has appeared in major campaigns and editorials, such as Free People, Miu Miu, and Alberta Ferretti. She’s multi-talented, just like her alleged boyfriend, that’s for sure.

4. Antonoff hasn’t confirmed the relationship.

Perhaps it’s because he’s still hung up on his ex, or maybe he wants to take things slow. But either way, he tweeted back in January, shortly after his split from Dunham, that he wasn’t seeing anyone.

Hopefully that will change in the future.

5. Her butt is famous!


@st_vincent borrowed my backside for her new album 

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No, we’re not joking! On St. Vincent’s latest album, “Masseducation,” you can see Kohl’s rear front and center. Coincidentally, Antonoff actually produced the album. Could this be the way the two met — by featuring her behind as the cover art?

6. She’s been dubbed “Most Likely to Be Completely Unavoidable.”

Now that’s a title we can get behind. Paper Magazine predicted Kohl would become a household name in the next year, and it seems like the internet is already abuzz with her career. You go, girl!

7. She was the star of Juicy Couture’s Fall 2017 campaign.


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And good for her! Because those perfumes and track suits are hard to beat. We hope they gave her a lifetime supply.

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