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Who Is Roger Federer's Wife? New Details On Mirka Federer

who is roger federer's wife

Who is Roger Federer's wife? Roger Federer has been one of the top tennis players in the world for many years. The Swiss player made his pro debut in 1998 and a few years later, fans noticed a new face in the players box cheering him.

Miroslava "Mirka" Vavrincová was a Slovakian-born tennis player living in Switzerland. She and Federer got involved in 2000 after meeting at the Olympics that year and soon she was a fixture in his life and in the stands at his matches. They've since married and become parents.

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So, who is Mirka Federer? Read on to find out.

1. Famous mentor

Mirka started playing tennis after watching a tournament with her father when she was nine. She had the opportunity to meet tennis legend Martina Navratalova while she was there. Navratolova thought Mirka looked athletic and suggested she try tennis herself, later going to far as to send her a tennis racquet to help her get started.

2. Pro player

Mirka was able to climb the tennis ranking as a junior then as a senior, playing professionally from 1994 until 2002 when she retired due to injury. She was ranked in the Top 100 players in the world during her career and appeared at all four Grand Slams.

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3. Olympic fever

Mirka and Roger met at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, where they were both playing for Team Switzerland. The two later shared the sweet detail that the last day of the Olympics was when they kissed for the first time. “We spent two weeks together, that's how we got to know each other and on the last day before we left, we kissed for the first time,” he said.


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4. Team Federer

Though Mirka had to retire from playing in 2002, she stayed part of Roger's team, managing public relations for him and handling his media strategy. She's also been a constant presence in the stands, sitting courtside to cheer him on at most of his matches.

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5. Wedding bells

The couple married in 2009 in in Roger's hometown of Basel, Switzerland. The ceremony was very private, with only close friends and family in attendance.

6. Super mom

Shortly after Mirka and Roger got married, she gave birth to identical twin girls named Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. If that isn't impressive enough, she went on to have another set of twins in 2014, this time boys named Leo and Lennart.

7. Biggest fan

Throughout all of this, Mirka remains a steady support for Federer's career. They travel together to his matches and he says, "I'm happy she allows me to chase our dreams, because she's in it as much as I am, even though she's more on a different side right now.” 

We'll be seeing plenty of Mirka this weekend at the US Open as her husband plays for the chance to pick up his 21st Grand Slam title.

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