What You See First Reveals Just How Likely You Are To Cheat

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How Likely Are You To Cheat? This Personality Test Figures It Out

Unless you're a total monster of a human being, chances are that when you start dating someone new you don't do it thinking fondly of that day in the future when you will cheat on your new person. After all, if you're a monogamous person, you want to be with just one special partner forever.

But even the best personality quiz or personality test can't determine whether or not you'll be a cheater and break your partner's heart. Oh, no. Nobody ever goes into a new relationship planning to cheat, because cheating isn't just wrong, it's also a surefire way of destroying the relationship that you're already in. The truth has a way of coming out, and when it does, the trust you and your partner have built will be shattered.

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Of course, cheating isn't always a black and white issue. Sometimes lack of communication can drive someone into the arms of another. Maybe the person you're cheating with scratches an itch that your partner just can't. Cheating is a bad thing, but doing it doesn't mean that you're a bad person, or, like, a Disney Supervillain. 

Some folks cheat in every relationship that they're in, while others go their entire lives staying faithful even in the worst relationships. These people aren't always who you expect, and sometimes we even manage to surprise ourselves. You might think of yourself as a faithful person, but you never know what exactly could drive you to infidelity. If you're curious about whether or not you're ever going to cheat, you're in the right place.

This free personality test and optical illusion is designed to help you figure out fast just how likely you are to cheat in a relationship. It couldn't be easier. Look at the image below and take note of the first thing that catches your eye. Then, scroll down to read about how what you saw first reveals just how much of a cheater you really are.

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The birds

If you saw the birds first, you're the kind of person who plans on always being faithful — and you will be, unless you feel like fate intervenes. You're a sucker for romantic dramas, you believe in fate and destiny, and if you meet the right person when you're with someone else, you may not be able to resist. 

I can't tell you that fate and destiny aren't real, but I can tell you that cheating always leaves someone feeling hurt. 

The tree 

If you saw the trees first, you're the kind of person who will never, ever, EVER cheat... and that's not always great. You tend to sit on your emotions. You stay grounded and planted in the decisions that you make, sometimes to a stubborn and destructive degree.

Staying in a relationship that's unhappy isn't a smart choice. Don't be afraid to bend and sway with the breeze. 

The huts 

If you saw the huts first, you're the kind of person who cheats regularly. It's never something you plan, and frankly, if you had your way your relationships would allow for you to get your freak on with other people in an honest way. Unfortunately, you seldom share this thought with your partners. 

You can't enter a relationship dishonestly and expect it to thrive. Next time, talk to your prospective mate about your needs before you make it official. 

The elephant 

If you saw the elephant first, you're the kind of person who has cheated once and will never do it again. You're experienced in relationships, and even if you weren't caught cheating (knowing you that's a real possibility), you understand the damage that cheating can cause in any relationship. 

Cheating isn't a road you enjoyed walking down. Share that experience with others, they might learn something!

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