What Are Neo Traditional Tattoos? 45 Stunning Neo Traditional Tattoo Ideas For You To Get

A classic tattoo style gets a modern update.

neo traditional tattoos design ideas

Neo traditional tattoos are a popular tattoo trend happening right now. So, what are neo traditional tattoos?

This tattoo style is a contemporary update to the classic, traditional tattoo. Many vintage trends are getting a modern-day reboot — from television shows to fashion, consumers are embracing the nostalgia of the past, and it looks like the same can be said for tattoo designs as well. 

That’s where neo traditional tattoos come in.


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According to Inked Magazine, traditional American tattoos incorporate bold black lines and a classic color palette. The neo traditional tattoos, however, take that basic tattoo formula and add their own modern flare to it. 


Instead of flat tattoo images — which are common with classic American tattoos — neo traditional ones opt for detailed, multi-dimensional designs.

You can see the influence of the standard American tattoo, since neo traditional ones still incorporate the bold black lines and classic color palette.

Neo traditional tattoo designs are a great option for someone looking to get a classic tattoo look but still want with something with a dynamic, modern appeal. It’s the best of both worlds. Old meets new. 



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It’s a bold tattoo style as well. They are designed to stand out, so if you’re looking to something subtle, these won’t be for you. 

For the guys out there, GQ named neo traditional as one of the best types of tattoos for men to get and included a photo of Aquaman and Game of Thones star Jason Momoa sporting this popular tattoo trend on his forearm.

That being said, it’s a look that caters (and looks great) on both men and women. 



Flowers are a common theme seen in neo traditional tattoos, but this tattoo style can come in all sorts of images and designs. It all depends on your preference.

If you are interested getting a neo traditional tattoo, check out these 45 of the best neo traditional tattoo ideas

1. Storm in a tea cup tattoo.


2. Flower tattoos on the upper arm and elbows.

3. Wolf  tattoo with flowers.


4. Flower tattoo.

5. Good luck wishbone tattoo and skeleton hand tattoo.


6. Hourglass tattoo with the sun, moon, and stars.

7. Boombox and flower tattoo.


8. Lakeside mountains and trees landscape tattoo.

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9. Butterfly tattoo (or moth tattoo).


10. Paper fan tattoo.

11. Globe tattoo​ with a personalized message.


12. Cat tattoo with sunglasses.

13. Another cat tattoo.


14. Bear tattoo.

15. Bumblebee tattoo with a flower wreath.

16. Detailed flower tattoo.


17. Pretty butterfly tattoo.

18. Fierce snake tattoo.


19. Crab tattoo.

20. Flower tattoos with color mixed in.

21. Plant tattoo with a vine.


22. Girl power tattoo.

23. Colorful bumblebee tattoo.


24. Multi-colored flower tattoo.

25. Swan tattoo.


26. Lantern tattoo with red flowers.

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27. Wolf and woman tattoo.


28. Flower tattoo with an umbrella.

29. Bunny rabbit tattoo.


30. Bird tattoo.

31. Desert cactus and sunset tattoo.


32. Lipstick tattoo inside of a heart.

33. Tropical bird and flowers tattoo.


34. Colorful pink and purple flower tattoo.

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35. Black panther tattoo.


36. Cat tattoo looking out from some flowers.

37. Chihuahua dog tattoo. 


38. Ocean tattoo with an oyster.

39. Waterfall and woman tattoo.

40. Tiger tattoo.


41. Hummingbird tattoo.

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42. Yellow flowers tattoo.


43. Lighthouse tattoo.

44. Ship tattoo at sea.


45. Card deck king tattoo.

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