Why Breaking Up With Him Makes Sense, Per Astrology

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Why Breaking Up With Him Makes Sense, Per Astrology

You’re seeing some red flags in your relationship lately, and you’re getting those gut feelings that something just isn’t right. Perhaps your significant other really isn’t prioritizing you and your feelings.

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Maybe you’re noticing that your relationship is full of secrets and you aren’t able to communicate effectively with each other. It’s even possible that the “spark” you two once shared isn’t there anymore and now you’re finding that you aren’t really as compatible as you once thought.

It’s okay to be feeling overwhelmed by the idea of losing your boyfriend. It’s also okay to desire the freedom that singlehood would bring. You might even be feeling a range of emotions when you think about breaking up, and that’s valid.


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Normalcy aside though, you need to make a decision because it’s not fair to either of you to keep the relationship going if you’re better off apart. Of course, true love is hard to find, so you might be tempted to settle and “make it work.” Ultimately though, that would just make you both resent each other and so result in misery. What can you do?!

It’s time to turn to astrology to find out more; let the zodiac be your guide. What about your signs causes you to first be attracted to each other and then to clash so horribly? You may have initially seen some passion and then found out it was corrupt ambition. 


You may have perceived dedicated to integrity and found it was simply a stubborn streak. Your partner’s personal shortcomings that they’ve failed to confront and cope with have brought you to a breaking point. The stars say that you can do better, and I think so.

Read on below to find out why it’s time to break up with him, according to astrology, by his zodiac sign.


If you’re fighting with an Aries, it can feel like fighting a wildfire: futile and heartbreaking. Aries are known for their out-of-control tempers and taking their frustrations out on their significant others. Your partner has given in to their temper and won’t invest in anger management.

That’s hard enough to deal with, but they’re also impatient as can be which only fuels the fire and gets you burned. It’s like you have to take a backseat to all the baggage they brought into the relationship and always match their speed. At this point, it would be better to just let the Aries be with the one they’re truly committed to: their mood.


When your significant other ceases to be your rock and instead becomes the bull to your china shop, things have gone far too downhill. These days your Taurus partner has no delicacy or tact. That outfit you’re wearing? It’s too revealing for their possessive heart to handle.

That argument you just got in? They have to have the last word. Do you want to compromise? Any attempt earns you nothing but scorn. Their flagrant disregard for your thoughts, feelings, and desires (especially when the Taurus has nothing to gain) makes it like you’re not even in a relationship. So why keep the label? It’s time to close up shop.


Geminis are infamous for their indecision and dislike of structure. Forming any kind of routine, even if it’s simply a weekly date night or a set dinner time, is a no go for your significant other. Your partner is constantly flip-flopping on you so you never know what to expect!

It’s strange too that because of their restlessness something is always expected. You’re probably experiencing commitment issues on their end too, especially if you two have been discussing moving in together or a future engagement. You can offer yourself more stability that will make your happiness sustainable. It’s your turn to change your mind.

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If insecurity were a sport, your significant other would be a professional athlete. Whether they’re worried about their own adequacies, their coworkers’ judgments, or your faithfulness, you cannot effectively reassure them. What’s worse is that their insecurities and suspicious nature combine to give you the third degree constantly.

Why did you take so long at the grocery store? What friends are you going to that concert with? Let me guess, one step out the door and your partner is already blowing up your phone? Put “But how do I know that…” at rest along with this relationship and enjoy some hassle free fun with someone who actually trusts you.


Sometimes it isn’t about how your partner treats you, but how they fail to “treat” you at all. Lately your Leo significant other has become lazy and isn’t making you feel important. Rather, you’re being treated like a sidekick in your partner’s great adventure, or a mere prop during their monologue.

Your ambitions aren’t supported by your partner, and your worth isn’t acknowledged. If you didn’t want the love and affection of another person, you could just be single, and it looks like that time has come. You didn’t come first to your partner, so it’s time to bounce and take care of Number One.  


If your relationship is starting to feel more like a roast, don’t be surprised. Virgos are known for being overly critical in nature. In fact, since your significant other spends more time at work than with you, this would-be partnership likely feels like you’re being roasted by your boss.

You aren’t a sidewalk, so don’t let anyone walk all over you, especially if your relationship is supposed to be romantic. And in that relationship, you are supposed to be an equal, not a subordinate. You can give yourself the positive attention you need and deserve, not to mention allocate time for self-care rather than spending your time buried in hurt.

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You’ve likely been told that ignoring problems only makes them worse, but somehow your significant other must not have gotten the memo. Libras are known to avoid confrontation, so while unfortunate it’s also unsurprising that your partner has let wounds fester (both yours and theirs).

Throughout your relationship conflicts that otherwise would have been easily-surmounted molehills have become mountains, and now they’re too big to move. You’re probably more forthcoming in your journal than your partner is with you about issues they have with you, themselves, and your relationship, so it only makes sense to continue the journey without their company.


Few pains hold a candle to the sting of a spiteful Scorpio. Because of their tendency to distrust everyone the past can never be laid to rest, and instead, it is preserved like it’s in an evidence room. On top of that, Scorpios can be unnecessarily secretive, so you likely know little about your partner’s thoughts and feelings until the middle of an argument (here comes that stinger)!

Your significant other is also a control freak and so what should be a partnership between you two is entirely out of balance. Now is the time to re-empower yourself, starting by ending your current relationship.


There’s a sensitivity chip that the Sagittarius is born without. Your significant other hasn’t put much time into learning empathy and therefore does a poor job of supporting you. If you’re upset you’re expected to “get over it” right away.

Furthermore, your partner is always ready to tell you about yourself even when you’re not in the right headspace, so your self-esteem is taking a deep dive. As if that weren’t enough, your partner doesn’t celebrate your victories with you and so you don’t get the praise you deserve. Get out now and go live your life with the full spectrum of human emotion.

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They say that your expectations shape reality, and it looks like your Capricorn partner’s expectation that everything that can go wrong inevitably will have shaped your relationship. Your significant other is constantly finding a reason to hold a grudge and bring up the past right when you thought you had moved beyond it together.

They’re also pushing their life plan on you without making room for your goals or the pace that suits your needs. Your Capricorn crush-turned-SO thinks they already have it figured out and so they don’t need your input. If there’s no room for you why are you still in that relationship? Find the exit door.


When Aquarians have relationship problems it exacerbates their fears surrounding their own emotions, so you’re likely not getting any real communication from your partner right now and it’s causing your relationship to deteriorate.

Your Aquarius partner hasn’t found a way to put you ahead of those fears and hasn’t been willing to challenge themselves. It makes it even more unbearable that your significant other is so aloof and oblivious to your disappointment and hurt. The icing on the cake is their refusal to meet you in the middle and hear out your concerns. If all of this sounds like your relationship, it’s your turn to check out. 



The same imagination and creativity that brought you and your Pisces partner together are now being used by your significant other to evade responsibility. The relationship is suffering, your needs are unmet, and they won’t own up to their actions and inactions such as their emotional outbursts and lack of follow up on their innumerable ideas.

When your significant other refuses to manage their feelings or own their behavior you cannot take care of each other’s needs or even keep basic household affairs in order! At this point you would be better off alone and able to care for yourself rather than your childish partner. 

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