Who Is Mollie Tibbetts' Boyfriend? New Details On Dalton Jack — And What He Knows About Her Death

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Mollie Tibbetts boyfriend, Dalton Jack

Just this morning, police announced they had found the body of missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts. Though there have been no details released about where her body is or how she died, her family, friends, and boyfriend have been deeply rattled and affected by her disappearance and murder. 

Over the last five weeks since she first went missing, her loved ones have been vocal to the media about her return and the search efforts to find her. Her boyfriend has also spoken out his missing girlfriend. But just who is Mollie Tibbetts boyfriend, Dalton Jack? Here are 8 details about him and their relationship.

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1. They had been dating for 2 ½ years and lived together.


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Her Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of the two and their loving relationship. The couple lived with Dalton’s brother, Blake, Blake’s fiancé, Allie Houghton, and their dogs.

On Facebook, Dalton’s mom Cynthia, said, “She basically lives with my son, his brother and his brother’s fiancé when she is home from college. She was staying at the house by herself and taking care of the dogs while my son (her boyfriend), my other son and his fiancé were out of town working. This is not the first time she has stayed there by herself as she lived there too.”

Their home was also not too far from her mom’s house. “Brooklyn is a very small town. The distance between the house she shares with my sons’ is maybe a mile away from her mom’s and Mollie would have had no qualms about walking or running between the two. And Mollie is a 20-yr -ld college student and they are known to change their minds about going to their parents for dinner,” his mother said.

2. He was out of town at the time of her disappearance.

Mollie had been staying at the home alone, as Dalton, Blake, and Allie were all away. Dalton was about 50 miles away on a construction job. He is not considered a suspect.

3. He tried to help police using her FitBit.


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Mollie was an avid runner and always had her FitBit with her, which could be helpful in tracking her location. According to Dalton, “She might have a FitBit on and she might have her cellphone, but obviously we’ve tried just calling her but it’s either off or dead so it would go straight to voicemail.”

4. The last time they talked was through Snapchat.


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According to Cynthia, Dalton was one of the last people to talk to Mollie, revealing the couple was talking on Snapchat. “She and my son had been snapping back and forth since he had left for work the morning before. A lot of it was nonsensical stuff, as she was trying to bring him back to the top of her favorites list. He is not much for social media and some of her friends had recently bypassed him. So she wanted him back on the top of the list. That being said, it was just a selfie of her face and it looked as if she was indoors. It was around 10 PM when he opened it and she does not run after dark,” she commented.

Cynthia also added that in the photo Tibbetts had sent her son on Snapchat, “There was light, as he could tell she was indoors. It just did not have anything noticeable in the background. He looked at it briefly before he went to bed. And since it was a picture message it disappeared. It is not fishy that it was just her face. They sent snaps and texts like that all the time.”

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5. His mother has been helpful.

She’s been posting non-stop about Mollie ever since her disappearance, heartbroken about her son’s love. “She is the most beautiful, kind, sweet woman and we all miss her and want her back home,” she wrote in one post.

6. The couple were planning on traveling together.


2.5 years my dudes 

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Mollie’s mother, Laura Calderwood, told ABC News that she and Dalton had planned on going to the Dominican Republic for his brother’s wedding on August 2nd. In an interview back in July, she said, “As that date gets closer, it’s like closing in on me because I’m thinking about these two people that are getting married that were also really close to Mollie. [It’s] supposed to be the happiest day of their life.”

7. Dalton knew something was wrong.

On Thursday morning, the day after she went missing, Dalton knew there was something wrong. He told radio station KCRG-TV, “I was the one who threw red flags. She hadn’t called in. I looked at my phone and noticed I texted her good morning that morning and she hadn’t looked at it so I got ahold of her friends and family.”

Because he doesn’t believe Mollie would have left on her own accord, something was fishy. Her family also became suspicious when Mollie didn’t show up for work the next day.

8. He’s heartbroken.


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It’s clear from their photos together that Dalton and Mollie were incredibly in love, and her disappearance and murder has changed his life forever. In an interview with Good Morning America, Dalton said, “Everybody has a Mollie, a person that has changed your life in such a huge way and that’s in everybody’s lives. Just imagine if somebody had taken your Mollie. Put yourself in our shoes. You would do anything to get her back and you would just be desperate for anything to come forward to get her back.”

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