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6 Details About Bo Burnham's Girlfriend Lorene Scafaria And Their Secretive Relationship

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6 Details About Bo Burnham's Girlfriend Lorene Scafaria And Their Secretive Relationship

Some might know Bo Burnham from his popular YouTube channel. Or maybe from his many comedy stints. But what most probably know him from right now is as the creator and director of the new movie, Eighth Grade, which has been gaining a lot of critical acclaims

While Burnham's professional success may be no secret, his personal life is kept a little more private — especially his romantic life. The multi-talented star has been in a relationship with Lorene Scafaria for quite a while. The couple seems to keep their relationship pretty quiet, so many probably aren't even aware that they're dating.

So who is Lorene Scafaria?

Here are a few details to know about Bo Burnham's girlfriend Lorene Scafaria and their relationship.

1. They've been together for five years.

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Burnham and Scafaria have remained extremely tight-lipped on their relationship, even though they've been a couple since 2013, which Burnham revealed in an interview.

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2. They have an age difference of over a decade.

Scafaria is 40 and Burnham is 27, giving them a 13 year age gap. However, this hardly seems to be much of an issue for the pair. Burnham has even credited his girlfriend for giving him career advice.

3. Scafaria is very successful.

Scafaria is no stranger to Hollywood, either. She's been working for years as an accomplished screenwriter, playwright, and actress. She also made her directorial debut in 2012 with the film Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. Her next directing venture came in 2015 with the film, The Meddler, based on a script that Scafaria wrote herself based on her own mother and their relationship. In addition, Scafaria wrote the screenplay for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Her next project will be as a director for the upcoming film, Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez.

4. The couple has two rescue dogs.


A post shared by Bo Burnham (@boburnham) on Nov 25, 2015 at 3:27pm PST

Scafaria has admitted in the past to being a huge dog-lover. And obviously, Burnham is, too. Both of their Instagram pages are filled with photos of their two rescue dogs, Bruce and Ramona. The two dogs live with Scafaria and Burnham in Los Angeles. 

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5. Burnham isn't the first famous face Scafaria has dated.

The successful director was previously involved in a relationship with actor Adam Brody. They met and dated back in 2009. Scafaria and Brody reportedly met through her friend, Diablo Cody, who was the screenwriter for Jennifer's Body, which Brody had a part in. 

After her split from Brody, Scafaria went on to romance another Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher. The couple were first seen at the end of 2011 in Italy and made their relationship official in 2012 after they were spotted getting affectionate with each other. However, the relationship obviously ran its course by 2013, which is when the director started a relationship with Burnham.

6. Scafaria is part of the "Fempire".


Scafaria sure likes some girl power! She's good friends with fellow screenwriters Diablo Cody and Dana Fox. They make up what is possibly the most successful female screenwriting team ever. After they began collaborating together, the trio started to call themselves "The Fempire."

Scafaria and her girl squad not only have a good working relationship, but they also are very supportive of each other's individual projects. Scafaria has even commented on their strong bond before. "We actually write in the same room together. We ask each other if (the screenplays) are funny or offensive enough. They're just here to support me. It's amazing," Scafaria said. "It's a completely non-competitive relationship among women, which is fairly rare to come by."

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