Who Is Paris Jackson's Boyfriend? New Details On Gabriel Glenn

They are in the same band.

Who Is Paris Jackson's Boyfriend? New Details On Gabriel Glenn getty

Who is Paris Jackson's boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn?

Like her father, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson also has the music bug and is part of a band, The Soundflowers. Though the band is quite new, they have their number one fan: Katherine Jackson, Paris' grandmother.

When the band peformed for the second time in August 2018, Grandma made sure to catch her granddaughter's performance from the crowd.

Jackson was quick to take to Instagram to express her excitement over seeing her grandma, writing, “I can’t believe my grandma made it to our second live show ever. and she actually liked it!?!!! i was s***ting my pants. i love you so much grandma. i’m so happy we got to play for you and to play for such an incredible cause."


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During the performance, Jackson was also seen cuddling up with her bandmate Gabriel Glenn. Say what?! Who is Paris Jackson's boyfriend?


Though Jackson may have found love with Glenn, her family has been open about their worries for Jackson and her health. Last month, she attempted to take her own life, and despite pleas from her family to move home, she and Glenn continue to go out and party.

So, who is her boyfriend? Here's everything we know about their relationship and their recent outings.

1. Who is Paris Jackson's boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn? He's a musician.

Glenn is the other half of the duo The Soundflowers. He and Paris kissed on stage during their August 2018 performance and were photographed snuggling on the grass together listening to live music in Los Angeles. 

2. They're Instagram official.

They quickly became Instagram official following their August 2018 performance. And judging from the multiple pictures of the couple on Jackson's Instagram, she and Glenn clearly appear to be smitten with each other.


3. Jackson has past dating rumors.

In June 2018, a rumor surfaced that the 21-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop was dating Ashley Benson, Caroline D'Amore, and Cara Delevingne — all at the same time.

Jackson took to Twitter to refute the rumor, saying, “i’ve never met miss benzo. caroline is one of my bestest friends who is **straight** and **married**, and also the mother of my godchild. cara and i were never officially exclusive, you guys made that up.”

4. She came out when she was 14.

The media has tried to make a big deal out of the fact that Jackson has said that she's attracted to both men and women. She shut that nonsense down fast, taking to her Instagram stories.

“I came out when i was 14. i’ve referred to the community as ‘my fellow LGBTQ+’ on stage before. i’ve talked about having a crush on girls when i was 8 in my Rolling Stone article There are pictures of me kissing girls online. why are people just now saying this is news?”


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5. She underwent surgery in 2018.

Shortly before Jackson started performing with her new band in 2018, she had a golf ball sized-abscess removed the day before her second performance.

She posted an Instagram Story describing the procedure, writing, "That's one of the things that just grows and grows and grows until it pops. And if it pops, you can go septic and die. But I didn't die and they operated immediately. 

They did say that it was something that I should have gone under for surgery for, but I didn't and I was awake for all of it, and it was definitely the most pain that I'd ever been through in my entire life, considering I'm covered head to toe in tattoos. But I'm alive. Also sorry if I sound weird, I'm on a lot of meds right now to kind of get me through the pain of the procedure. I shouldn’t have even left bed today."


6. Jackson's family doesn't approve of Glenn.

Jackson and her two brothers, Prince and Blanket, spent the 2019 holiday season in Rome. Along for the vacation was also her boyfriend, Glenn. However, a source revealed that Jackson's family thinks that Glenn is "dangerous" and “their #1 priority is getting him away from her.” 

In March 2019, the couple were captured on camera during an argument, where Glenn was seen getting up into Jackson's face and yelling at her. 

“Gabriel is usually cute with Paris in public, but they believe behind closed doors, it is a completely different situation,” a source disclosed, regarding Jackson's family. Her family appears to be especially concerned as this incident took place not long after Jackson's alleged suicide attempt and hospitalization. 


7. Are they married?

In August 2019, many started to wonder if Jackson and Glenn had tied the knot after they were seen at a red carpet premiere wearing matching gold bands.

Although whether or not the couple really are married has never been officially confirmed, a source has stated that Jackson's family would definitely not approve if the rumors turned out to be true. “The family is freaking out. She is not answering any of them. No one knows what to think; Paris is a loose cannon. There would be a lot of people disappointed in her."

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