5 New Details About Brandon Johnson, Demi Lovato's Alleged Drug Dealer With A Reported History Of Selling "Dirty Drugs"

He reportedly left her to die as she overdosed.

Who Is Brandon Johnson, Demi Lovato’s Alleged Drug Dealer? 5 New Details About Their Relationship And How She Overdosed instagram

Chilling new reports claim Brandon Johnson, Demi Lovato’s alleged drug dealer, left Lovato for dead in her home after smoking Oxycodone laced with Fentanyl with her.

When Demi Lovato overdosed in July 2018, early reports claimed that the singer likely overdosed on heroin, an illegal drug responsible for killing almost 16,000 people in 2017 alone.

As more details about Lovato’s overdose surfaced, sources close to the singer claimed that she didn’t use heroin, but refused to disclose the drug that caused her overdose. Lovato has been open about her substance abuse in the past, revealing her struggles with cocaine, Xanax, and even the opioid OxyContin. Since paramedics reportedly revived the singer using Narcan, it was assumed Lovato overdosed on Oxy, if not heroin.


A couple of weeks after her overdose, TMZ reported that OxyContin laced with Fentanyl likely triggered Lovato’s overdose. According to the CDC, of the more than 72,000 overdose deaths in the United States in 2017, Fentanyl — the same drug responsible for the deaths of both Prince and Lil Peep — caused almost 30,000 of them.


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According to TMZ, Lovato allegedly texted Johnson at 4AM on July 24, 2018, after partying all night. Here’s what we know about Brandon Johnson and his tragic relationship to Demi Lovato.

1. Lovato and Johnson reportedly began corresponding in April

In April 2018, rumors of a relapse began circulating when Lovato canceled part of her Tell Me You Love Me Tour. Though Lovato claimed the cancellation was due to “unforeseen production issues,” fans became worried after Hayley Kiyoko posted a photo of Lovato holding what looked to be a glass of beer.

Lovato confirmed rumors of her relapse in June 2018 when she released the song “Sober” that documented her struggle with sobriety. While it seemed she was working to overcome the relapse, she quickly spiraled downward and overdosed just a few weeks later.


According to TMZ, Lovato’s relapse was likely worse than anyone thought. They reported that Lovato and her alleged dealer started communicating way back in April when rumors of her relapse first started. Sources claimed she was in the “danger zone” weeks before her overdose.

2. Johnson has been arrested in the past

According to TMZ, Johnson has a history of breaking the law. They reported that police arrested him back in March of 2018, finding drugs, a fully-loaded handgun, and $10K in cash on him. Police told TMZ they then searched Johnson’s home, where they found even more guns, ammo, and drugs. Then, in June 2018, Johnson was arrested again and charged with a DUI and cocaine possession.

3. Lovato and Johnson reportedly freebased Oxycodone

Sources told TMZ that Lovato texted Johnson at 4AM on July 24. When he arrived at her house, the two reportedly freebased Oxycodone on tinfoil. According to TMZ, Johnson fled the scene after he noticed her breathing heavily. TMZ reported that her assistant found her around 11:30AM that morning and called 911. Paramedics revived the singer with Narcan.

According to addiction specialist and clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Lovato is “lucky to be alive.” He told Hollywood Life, “If you relapse on opioids and you accidentally relapse with something that has Fentanyl in it then you will most likely die.”


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4. Johnson has a history of selling "dirty drugs"

New statistics from the CDC show that synthetic opiates are a major player in high number of opioid deaths in the U.S. As Dr. Gilliland explained to Hollywood Life, “the most dangerous part about opiates is that you don’t know what you’re actually using.”

Unfortunately for Lovato, her dealer reportedly had a history of “buying dirty drugs from Mexico,” according to TMZ. According to Vice, dealers might knowingly lace their drugs with fentanyl because “it's cheap and available, and it's easy to synthesize,” even though it’s highly lethal.


5. Were Lovato and Johnson dating?

According to a source close to Johnson, he might have been more than just her drug dealer. The source told TMZ that Johnson revealed he and Lovato had a “romantic relationship,” though other sources reportedly denied that claim.

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