What It Means If You Have Dreams About Your Teeth Falling Out

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dreams about your teeth falling out

No, you don't need to visit the dentist. Well, maybe...

One of the most common nightmares people have is dreams about your teeth falling out. Almost everyone has woken up at least once, trying to figure out why they’d dream of that. It’s a baffling, perplexing, and oddly primal dream.

So, what does it mean when you dream of your teeth falling out like that? Well, it could be a number of things. Superstition-wise, different cultures have different assumptions about this dream.

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I’ve heard that dreams about your teeth falling out suggests that you will hear of a death in the near future, but that the deaths would only affect you if you felt physical pain during your dream. However, other cultures’ superstitions suggest that it could mean that you will have to part with an item you own, or that you may end up showing incompetence at work.

That being said, superstition is not always reliable, nor is it always plausible. Dentists, for example, probably have this dream more often since they will see teeth falling out on a daily basis. Does this mean that everyone in their circles drop dead due to the number of times they dream this dream? Absolutely not!

Psychologically, this could mean a lot of different things.

To understand the psychological interpretation of this dream, let’s take a look at what teeth tend to be viewed as on a subconscious level. Teeth are our “bite.” They allow us to protect ourselves, but also allow us to do things like eat our food. A pretty smile tends to be one that has healthy teeth, so it’s also a matter of seeing yourself in a good light.

Do you feel powerless? That could be your dream’s way of showing it.

For the most part, psychologists believe that dreams about your teeth falling out tend to be a sign of anxiety, especially if it’s a recurring dream. More specifically, this is a kind of dream that suggests that you’re feeling powerless to stand up for yourself in a situation that you may have been dealing with.  After all, when you’re toothless, you can’t bite back.

A lot of negotiators, for example, tend to dream of their teeth falling out if they have been placed in a deal that is very unfair to them. If someone bullied you into taking a pay reduction at your job, or if someone somehow tricked you into accepting something that was undeserved, you might have this dream.

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Some may also get this dream when they feel like they no longer are as productive as they once were at work. This is especially true if people may have made you feel disempowered at work, or if you have been recently given a poor mark by your boss. One could say that you’re secretly worried about being able to put food on the table — and therefore may have trouble eating — if this is the case.

Worried about your looks? On a similar note, the aesthetic side of teeth might be a focal point in your dream as well.

If your front teeth fall out and you begin to panic in your dream, it could be a sign that you’re worried about the way you appear to others. Take a look at your life. Does it feel like you are holding up a charade that could come crashing down at any particular moment? If so, your dream may be showing your anxiety dealing with the way others look at you.

Many dream interpreters also believe that having a dream of your teeth falling out could be tied to anxiety about aging. When we get older, our teeth have a tendency of rotting or falling out. The thing is, aging is scary. It’s weird to think that, one day, you may end up having gray hair and no teeth.

People who recently discovered their first gray hair often will have a dream about their teeth falling out if they feel nervous about getting older and showing more signs of aging. Or, legit, you might be worried about your oral health.

Seriously speaking, I’ve dreamt of my teeth falling out when I had a tooth infection and was dilly-dallying about getting treatment. It ended up being that my fear of losing my teeth caused me to have a nightmare where my tooth infection ran amok and made all my teeth fall out.

Or, it could mean nothing at all.

Disturbing as this dream might be, the truth is that dreams about your teeth falling out don't really have to mean anything. No one really knows why we dream of the things we do and, at times, it’s totally random. So, if you have this dream, don’t freak out. It could be anything from anxiety to just eating too much pizza.

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