15 Signs You're Definitely More Than Friends

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signs he likes you more than a friend

But you probably already knew that...

Relationships — we all love them, but all know just how difficult they can be to get, and then once you're in one, to keep it alive! It's crazy how something that's supposed to be such a fulfilling part of our lives is also typically an avenue that causes us more than our fair share of stress and worry. 

One of the biggest concerns people have is figuring out if they are in a friendship, or if it's romantic love. Because love so often starts off with friendship (as well it should) it can be easy to get confused.

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Have you just made a really good friend, or could you just have met the love of your life? Luckily, if you know what to look for it's pretty easy to separate the two. Here are 15 signs he likes you more than a friend and that you probably feel the same way, too.

1. You think about him when you first wake up. 

If he's on your mind as soon as your mind is back from the land of dreams, that could indicate feelings. After all, you don't usually wake up and wonder what your other friends are doing, do you? Maybe you do whilst scrolling through social media and having coffee, but I kinda doubt you do it as soon as you are conscious. 

2. You can fart around him... but you don't.

There's a certain level of comfort we have with our best friends: fart comfort. You know you're falling for him when you know full well he wouldn't care if you farted around him... but you keep squeezing it in for reasons you can't quite explain. The reasons are love! But also, please fart. It's bad to hold it in. 

3. You feel hurt when he's dating someone.

You want to see him get loved up and happy... you just didn't expect it to feel like the ultimate betrayal. If your guts are in knots when he's dating someone, you got a case of that big old love. 

4. Your day isn't complete until you talk. 

Sure, you go to bed without debriefing each other on your respective days, but it doesn't happen too often. And when you do, something just doesn't feel right...

5. You find yourself looking for reasons to touch him. 

Something about his arms makes you want to reach out and squeeze 'em. You're forever patting his back, jokingly ruffling his hair, and dying for high-fives — anything that gets you two physically closer. 

6. Everything makes you think about him. 

Your boss tells you he needs that report, stat, and all you can think about how he does the worst impression of your boss. You should be worrying about work, but instead you're smiling about him. That's a more-than-friends kind of feeling, to be sure. 

7. You hear his voice in your head. 

When you are confused about something or sad or just bored, their voices pops into your head. You aren't psychic. He isn't a ghost. He's just wormed his way into your heart and mind. You can't help wondering what he would think or how he would feel in any given situation. That happens when you're in love. 

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8. You talk about him all the time.

I call this "naming the puppy." It's when you look for any and every reason possible to say his name in public. A friend asks you to go to the movies and you're all, "Tony loves movies!" Now that's what I call a crush

9. You can see a future with him.

When you're with him, you can see yourself with him forever. That's pretty romantic, and one of the clear signs he likes you more than a friend, or vice versa.

10. You always want to look your best around him ... but you don't. 

When you start having a case of the romantics (as I call it) for a dude, you always want to look your best around him. But you also know that you don't have to always look your best because he thinks you're great no matter what. 

11. You flirt constantly.

You might think it's just how you are with your friends, but I'm here to tell you that everyone has noticed your banter. There's being an open and fun person and then there's getting your flirt on. You are doing that one, hun. 

12. His girlfriend hates you.

She's not one of those women who is easily threatened, either, but she can't stand you! It's not your fault; under different circumstances she would be all about you, but in current circumstances? Her boyfriend is in love with you, and vice versa. So can you blame her? 

13. Your family loves him.

Your family isn't one to keep their feelings on the DL, and they friggin' love this guy! Second to you, they're the ones who will be the most psyched about this news. 

14. You have a marriage pact.

If you have at any point ever with a male friend said that if you both reach 40 and are single you'll marry each other, it's because you have feelings. Straight up. 

15. You think about kissing him.

You know who you don't think about Frenching? Your actual friends. Smooch away, but don't get it twisted: you guys are definitely entering more than friends territory. 

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