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The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Never Stop Loving You, (No Matter What!)

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Never Stop Loving You, (No Matter What!)

Are you hoping your next relationship will be your last? Are you looking for someone that is committed and worthwhile in the long haul? Perhaps you've been through a few relationships yourself, and do not want to go through the heartbreak or struggle of maintaining a relationship that just isn't working. The truth is, most people will love, break up, and find love again. This does not make ending a relationship any easier.

Your rational side will always tell you that you need to move on, break all ties and stop thinking of them altogether.

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However, fewer things than a breakup shake us to the core — making us feel vulnerable and leave us questioning our identity and our future. Even if that person has caused you a lot of pain and the ending was horrific, there will be moments when you find yourself pining for them again. Even long after the initial heartbreak and loss go away, you still can't help but think of them from time to time. Think of the cozy world you created together. 

David Braucher, L.C.S.W., Ph.D. from Psychology Today helps explain why some people just never seem to get over their ex, and why this might not be such a bad thing. 

He explains that we form an "internal image" of our partner that tends to be an amalgam of all the memories of security and affection that we received from that person — even though in many ways the relationship may have been less than ideal. 

It is similar to when a parent, other relative or close friend dies. We still tend to think about what they would say, based on the circumstance we are in, and we draw upon these opinions based on our internalized representation of them. 

Despite haunting us, the fact that we have this internal image of them can be seen in a positive light since it is telling of our compassionate side, and our ability to love another deeply. 

Don't let these thoughts weigh you down, however. To move on successfully, one should initially avoid contact with the other person. You need to forgive them and most importantly, forgive yourself. Don't let yourself get caught in the inner turmoil of asking yourself "What if?" Instead, focus on your personal goals.

Make sure to not isolate by spending time with friends and family. No matter what age you are, or how many relationships you have been in, there is a healthy relationship out there for you.

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It may take time and work to find it. Luckily, astrology can help when you check out what your horoscope sign needs. There are people out there that, just like you, crave a committed and fulfilling relationship. When they fall in love, they stay in love forever. And they are willing to put in the work it takes to see it through.

If you are craving a deep and lasting love, here are the zodiac signs you will want to look for in your next (or first!) relationship, according to astrology.

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

As a fire sign, Aries is naturally passionate about everything they get involved in. This includes their love life. A love from an Aires burns deeply and brightly, and the flame will never go out.

They are old-fashioned romantics that treat their partners as if they were the only person in the world. While an Aires can be rather restless in their relationships earlier in life, they secretly crave a long-term relationship that will allow them to be themselves, be open, and close both physically and mentally to the other person. 

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2. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

A Taurus will not open up to you right away. Don't mistake their emotional dullness as a sign they aren't that into you. They are simply cautious because they are looking for the right "one".

Once they finally fall in love, they tend to stay in love forever. They are incredibly dependable, hardworking and caring- especially when you're in need. Oh, and you can expect your sex life to be dazzling. Taurus people are very sensual creatures. Just don't introduce too many new moves at once (they dislike big surprises!). 

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3. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

A person born under the sign of cancer tend to be very nurturing and affectionate partners. Unfortunately, this also means they are quite clingy. They go to great strides to ensure their partner is happy, and when they are not- can become deeply hurt.

A naturally gracious hostess and a lover of family and home, a Cancer in love will do just about anything to ensure that your relationship stays strong. They want you to be totally emotionally honest.

Cancers tend to be late developers in the game of sex. Without romance first, there is no love. If that is something you value too, you will make the perfect pair. They love their home environment to be luxurious - especially the bedroom. Expect drawn out and sensuous foreplay, candlelit dinners and bubble baths. 

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4. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo tends to be very aloof and modest. They prefer there private lives to be well...private. For this reason, the only way they can really blossom romantically if they feel they are in a genuinely committed and loving relationship.

Anyone fortunate enough to have a Virgo as a partner will find that they are very meticulous, hardworking, and will encourage you to take good care of yourself. They are eager to please, but expect to be doted upon as well. If you are okay with that, you can expect them to be your lover forever.