8 Fun Ideas For Road Trips To Take Before The Summer Is Over

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8 Fun Ideas For Road Trips To Take Before The Summer Is Over

Summer is the season when it’s easy to get your exercise. Whether it’s a run through your neighborhood or free yoga at a nearby park, you’re probably dreaming about getting out of work and to head outdoors for some exercise. And for anyone who loves to live in a healthy, balanced way, vacation should be no different.

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So instead of lounging on the beach and boozing this summer — which you’ll certainly regret when you get back home — embark on a wellness-oriented road trip this summer. No matter where you are the in the country, you’re within driving distance of one of these unique destinations or activities.

1. Yoga in a National Park

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National Parks showcase some of the most beautiful enclaves in the nation. What better setting for a calming, inspiring yoga class? Yoga in Your park is an organization that hosts outdoor yoga classes in National Parks and other green spaces around the country, from Acadia National Park to Yosemite. Simply enter your location and find a yoga class at a park that’s within road trip distance of your home. Bonus points if you stay and camp out afterward!

2. Salt Cave Therapy in Santa Barbara

Have you heard of Himalayan salt caves? They’ve served as centers for healing for centuries and recently made the jump to the U.S. They boast the ability to help heal respiratory ailments, such as allergies, and provide the ultimate spot to nap. Salt in Santa Barbara is one of the most glamorous salt caves in the country, and it’s well worth a trip to nap in their comfy chairs or indulge in any of the specialty treatments on the spa menu.

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3. Farm Stays Around the Country

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If you strive to live sustainably, what better way to go the extra mile than to help out at a small family farm? When you book a farm stay, you’ll end up at a small family farm in your neck of the woods (they’re all across the nation) where you can get hands-on experience working on the farm. From planting crops to milking cows, you’ll learn all the basics. You might even get to stay in a revamped barn that now doubles as a tiny home! Lodging varies based on your farm.

4. Healing Sessions at Westglow Resort in North Carolina

Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock, North Carolina is more than just a place to get pampered. Its Life Enrichment center offers everything from Pilates and yoga to aquacise and barre blast, all in beautiful settings overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s not a bad way to sweat!

5. Hikes in Mount Rainer National Park

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Maybe you feel your healthiest when you go for a hike in a stunning natural setting. If this is the case, you should plan an active trip, perhaps to the picturesque Mount Rainier National Park. In addition to its namesake mountain, which is an American landmark, the park boasts 260-plus miles of striking hiking trails that slice through old-growth forests and valleys. Choose your path and suck in that fresh mountain air as you enjoy an awe-inspiring journey.

6. Healthy Food Tour in Santa Rosa

If you’re a foodie, eat your way through one of the healthiest cities in the U.S., Santa Rosa, California. According to a Gallup poll, it’s one of the top 10 healthiest-eating cities in the country. Experience the fresh, natural food that California’s known for at highly ranked restaurants such as Gaia’s Garden and The Pharmacy.

7. Eco-Retreat at Mii Amo Spa in Sedona

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Mii Amo Spa is tucked away in the incredible red rocks of Sedona, so it’s an ideal setting for soothing. Partake in a New Moon ceremony guided by a Native American tradition, enjoy a massage outdoors or treat yourself to an energy clearing or aura-soma color reading — just a few of the unique services offered at this equally unique spa.

8. Getaway at a Treehouse Hotel

There’s nothing quite like waking up among the birds as they sing their morning songs and flit from one branch outside your window to the other. And from Washington state to Massachusetts, specialty treehouse hotels are making this experience a reality — no tree-climbing required. Plan a trip to one of these unique treetop hotels and recharge up high with the birds just beyond your window.

With so many unique, wellness-oriented venues sprinkled around the country, you have ample options if you want to bring your healthy-living philosophy on vacation with you. Whether you road trip to one of the country’s most beautiful natural spas or move through an energizing yoga routine in the fresh air of a National Park, you’ll return from your road trip actually feeling refreshed. And that feeling is well worth a few hours on the road.

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